Friday, April 26, 2013

The Great Gatsby -- April 26, 2013

In two weeks, on 10-May-2013, the latest movie adaption of F Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby will open in theaters.  The first film adaption was a 1927 silent starring Warner Baxter as Jay Gatsby. The caption for this image from the September, 1926 Moving Picture Magazine says "The Great Gatsby has been a successful character.  He was a best seller when he made his first public appearance between the covers of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.  Then he made his stage debut and there was a continual line at the Broadway box-office.  And now he is to try his fortune on the screen.  Warner Baxter, judging from this photograph, will do well by Gatsby."  The movie is lost, but all accounts say that Baxter did not do well by Gatsby.

Neil Hamilton, who later played Commissioner Gordon on the Batman television show, played Nick Carraway.  Lois Wilson played Daisy Buchanan.  Hale Hamilton played Tom Buchanan, Georgia Hale played Myrtle Wilson and William Powell played George Wilson. I find the latter hard to picture. 

 I need to read the book again.

Moving Picture Magazine Review of the 1927 Version

Photoplay Magazine Review of the 1927 Version

1949 Version (Alan Ladd as Gatsby)

1974 Version (Robert Redford as Gatsby) 

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