Friday, April 19, 2013

Tough Week -- April 19, 2013

Two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured almost 200.  Last night the two accused bombers killed one policeman and seriously wounded another.  One suspect died yesterday and his brother was captured alive today. 

A fertilizer plant blew up in West, Texas.  We won't know for a while how many people, including volunteer firefighters, are dead.  Thanks to the lack of zoning laws in Texas, there was a nursing home within a few hundred feet of the plant.  There were also homes and schools nearby.  If Texas allowed unions, perhaps the plant would have been safer. 

There was a massive earthquake in China.  Recent reports say at least 100 dead. 

Corrupt Senators filibustered a plan to require more background checks for gun purchasers.  The NRA and the firearms industries are hurting America. 

The image is a view of a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr that was projected on the Brooklyn Academy of Music to show support for Boston after the bombing. 

Tonight we had a nice dinner at the Moose Lodge. 

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