Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby #4 -- May 10, 2013

Today the latest movie adaption of F Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby opened in theaters.  The first film adaption was a 1927 silent starring Warner Baxter as Jay Gatsby. EG, the reviewer in the February, 1927 issue of Motion Picture Magazine was not impressed.  EG gave the film a 75% score.

THE GREAT GATSBY -- Drama -- 75%

"Herbert Brennon has gone about misinterpreting F Scott Fitzgerald's novel to the very best of his ability.

"There is, it seems, a stratum of life that the movies cannot approach with any real understanding, and this must be it.  All the characters have been remolded into their movie counterparts, and the thing has become a conventional and not too deftly presented tale of a man who has the misfortune to love a woman outside of his sphere, and of this futile attempts to raise himself to a level from which she would at least be accessible.

"Warner Baxter at no point understands of interprets the pathetic and extraordinary character of Gatsby -- except in the most superficial and physical sense.

"And Lois Wilson's Daisy is equally inept.

"Every character, in fact, is distorted.  Mr. Brennon seems happiest in his moments of lavish display.  He has seized upon every opportunity the book gave for staing an orgy, and bathing girls abound.

"If, however, you didn't read Mr. Fitzgerals's book, and have no interest in the preservation of its finer points -- this is probably a very good picture, with a fair share of excitement and sex appeal.  -- Paramount.


1927 Version (Warner Baxter as Gatsby)

Photoplay Magazine Review of the 1927 Version

1949 Version (Alan Ladd as Gatsby)

1974 Version (Robert Redford as Gatsby) 

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