Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby #5 -- May 10, 2013

Today the latest movie adaption of F Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby opened in theaters.  The first film adaption was a 1927 silent starring Warner Baxter as Jay Gatsby. Photoplay Magazine gave it a positive review in its February, 1927 issue.

"F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel of the great war's aftermath presented unusual film difficulties.  Herbert Brennon, the director, has managed to retain much of the feeling of the story.  Gatsby comes out of the war to achieve a fortune unscrupulously.  He falls, of course, in the end, finding that happiness can't be won that way.  Lois Wilson runs away with the film as the jazzy Daisy Buchanan, who flashes cocktails and silken you-know-she wears-'ems."

1927 Version (Warner Baxter as Gatsby)

Motion Picture Magazine Review of the 1927 Version

1949 Version (Alan Ladd as Gatsby)

1974 Version (Robert Redford as Gatsby) 

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