Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tunnel Open -- April 4, 2013

Today we took our first ride over the new Devil's Slide Bypass.  My wife drove south, kindly allowing me to take pictures.  We went up the hill on One, and found that the road made a slight curve on to the twin bridges, which led to the twin tunnels.  Here we see the approach from the bridge to the north portal of the south-bound tunnel.  Two of the many traffic lights are visible.  There were at least two sets of two fans each at the top of the tunnel.  There were many emergency phones and exit doors.  The shoulder was nice and wide.  After we left the tunnel, there was a short bridge, then a smooth transition back onto the old highway. 

It was raining lightly as we went to Half Moon Bay and parked on Main Street.  We had a nice lunch at the Main Street Grill.  We took a little walk and visited the Cunha Country Store, which had signs in the window proclaiming new ownership. 

We went to the Strawflower Center and visited the pharmacy and the pet store.  The cat has been ill and needed some supplies. 

I drove north on One.  The transitions off the old road and back on were very smooth going that way. 

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