Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Which the Skipper Could Throw Beneath the Wheels -- September 17, 2019

Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger, 23-September-1919
I love Fontaine Fox's The Toonerville Trolley That Meets All the Trains.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ric Ocasek, RIP -- September 15, 2019

I was sorry to learn that producer, songwriter and singer Ric Ocasek has died.  He brought a distinctive sound to Cars records.  Cars videos turned up all the time on MTV.

Comic Book -- Dick Tracy -- September 15, 2019

Feature Books started in 1937. Each issue was devoted to a single comic strip character. Chester Gould created Dick Tracy in 1931. The stories became famous for colorful criminals and lots of violence. By the time I read it in the San Francisco Chronicle, there were strange stories set on the Moon with all sorts of odd technology. I remember a story about a mummified corpse that particularly disturbed me. A room in a neighbor's attic reminded me of the setting of that episode.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Eddie Money, RIP -- September 13, 2019

Eddie Money was very popular in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was a kid.  I remember hearing his music on KFRC.  Some of my friends must have bought his albums, but I don't remember.  He died and a bunch of friends and family members are bummed.

Pulp -- Argosy -- September 13, 2019

Frank Munsey's weekly Argosy is considered to be the first American pulp magazine. Johnston McCulley created Zorro and many other characters.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

09/11 -- September 11, 2019

The alarm went off at 05:29. I switched the radio from FM to AM and tuned into KCBS. They reported that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center. Thinking of the bomber that hit the Empire State Building, I said it had to be an accident.

After I got dressed, I went downstairs and turned on the television, which I very rarely do in the morning, and they said another airplane had the other tower. Then I thought it couldn't be an accident, but I didn't understand how hijackers could force a pilot to fly his airplane into a building. Later on we learned that the hijackers had been flying the planes.

There weren't as many people as usual on the bus to work. I think I heard about the plane that hit the Pentagon while I was there. My manager told us that we could go home if we wanted to. My wife was working and my daughter was in school, so I didn't see a reason to leave.

We couldn't get any news on the internet, but I plugged in my radio and we all listened.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Admission Day 2019 -- September 9, 2019

Los Angeles Herald, 09-September-1919
We don't hear much about Admission Day anymore. Today is the 169th anniversary of California being welcomed into the Union. The Los Angeles Evening Herald published this "photographic cartoon" one hundred years ago today, 09-September-1919.