Saturday, January 23, 2021

Servais Le Roy -- January 23, 2021


National Vaudeville Association Souvenir, 1925

Le Roy, Talma and Bosco were a popular team of magicians. Servais Le Roy was a Belgian magician. Talma (Mary Ford) was his wife and an expert coin manipulator. Bosco was the rotund comic relief. There were several Boscos over the years. John Bosco is the patron saint of magicians.

Friday, January 22, 2021

The Transcontinental Railroad -- January 22, 2021

 I talked about the Transcontinental railroad to my wife's third grade class at Good Shepherd School in Pacifica. I did it over Zoom because of the pandemic. They asked some good questions. 

Hank Aaron and Don Sutton RIP -- January 22, 2021


Hank Aaron, one of the best hitters ever, and pitcher Don Sutton have both died. We are losing a lot of Hall of Famers. Aaron hit home runs consistently for an incredible number of seasons. I remember when he broke Babe Ruth's all-time record. He always seemed like a good, dignified man. 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Caught in a Storm Off Cape Horn -- January 21, 2021


San Francisco Call, 05-July-1899

William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the San Francisco Call. The bark Cyrus Wakefield was called a Hell Ship because of the cruelty and violence of Captain FT Henry and his officers. Captain Henry died on this voyage from San Francisco to New York, when a giant wave hit the ship. She put in for repairs in the Falkland Islands. She returned to San Francisco under the command of Captain Chapman, whose ship the John R Kelly had been wrecked beyond repair. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A Real President -- January 20, 2021

At last we have a real president. We also have our first female, African American and South Asian vice president. Our former so-called president skipped the ceremony and skedaddled for Florida. 

I said a prayer for both of them and for the United States. 

When I was young, I often wondered why we had never had a president named Joe.

The Boston Base Ball Nine Has Been Fully Organized -- January 20, 2021


Philadelphia Evening Telegraph, 20-January-1871

150 years ago today, on 20-January-1871, the franchise that became the Boston Red Stockings and later the Braves of Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta was founded. The team would play in the new National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, the first major league. Harry Wright, who had managed the Cincinnati Red Stockings, became player-manager. When the National League was formed in 1876, the Boston base ball nine jumped over.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dolly Parton, 75 -- January 19, 2021

 Dolly Parton, singer, composer, instrumentalist, actress and really nice human being, was born 75 years ago today, on 19-January-1946. She is in the Country Music Hall of Fame and has a pile of Grammy awards. She grew up in a poor family, but was always surrounded by love and music. Just recently she made a million dollar donation to a university doing research on COVID-19, which contributed to the development of one of the vaccines. She is a strong proponent of literacy. 

Over the years, I have  gotten a few of her songs stuck in my head. 

And she has appeared in some good movies.