Saturday, August 4, 2007

KLSI 89.3 FM #1 - August 4, 2007

FM radio reception is limited in Pacifica by our surrounding hills. Last year I was lying in bed dialing between KQED and KCSM and heard a station I had never heard before. It was playing some strange trance music. There were no live announcers, but there was an occasional taped announcement like "WAZQ Key West, KAQQ Midland, KLSI Moss Beach". At some point, the station switched to 1940's music, then it went away.

Last week or so, it appeared again. Now the taped announcements refer to "Q-FM", and give the same list of stations. Now they play 1970's or 1980's-type oldies. I heard a weather announcement one day while listening in the car.

There are no commercials and no pledge breaks. Where does the money come from? A Google search lists it as being licensed to "EDUCATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, INC." It doesn't sound all that educational or public.

I wonder what is coming next.


Anonymous said...

In Midland, Texas, I have also discovered Q-FM, and i love it. Yes, it's gone through some interesting difficulties the last couple months, and this week (Sep 10, 2007) seems to have settled down. It's added a commercial (Ashley Furniture in Key West? It never says the location), a weather forecast ("86 and showers"... also Key West?), and an announcement about interference on the San Fran translator (I wish I could remember the web site address that's mentioned). I also ran across a blog from a woman who had managed to talk to the owner on the telephone and got a job doing a voice-over for a commercial (Ashley Furniture?). Long Live Q-FM.

Joe Thompson said...

Midman: Thanks for the information. I have heard the weather reports and guessed they must be Key West. It's always 86 and showers or 86 and sunny. That is sure not Moss Beach, and I'll bet it's not Midland.

I caught the tail end of the commercial one time. I found their website, but it only has one page, about the translator:

I encountered the interference once while driving up a big hill near the ocean, which makes sense because the repeater is supposed to be in Bolinas, which is also by the water.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Anonymous said...

I too found Q FM a few weeks ago. I love the music but wonder where the money comes from. And how does one decide on a market that is Key West, Midland, and San Francisco? There is another commercial, it says Dominos followed by the phone number.

Anonymous said...

Hello Coastside!! QFM is still alive and well, and improving. Stay tuned as we have improved the transport reliability (the hiccups and audio losses were excruciatingly PAINFUL!)

Posted by Mike H. in Linda Mar
(the KLSI Transmitter "Janitor")

Joe Thompson said...

Mike: I'm glad to hear about the transmission improvements. I was listening the other night.

Anonymous said...


Here's a comment from the station's owner (Bill Lacy)

"I don’t know how to add a post so here’s my copy:

“Almost Famous” or as Bullwinkle calls it ” Win The Beaches”

Don’t tell anybody.

You found us.

This is QFM

Testing 1 2 3

PLEASE stand by

M or as we call him “fail Safe” is working on it

Sit back and relax………………….

With a little push we’ll get this rocket ship IN THE AIR OVER San Francisco and as I like to call it

(The Beaches) The Costal Communities Soon.


(awww...wouldn't paste!!)



Joe Thompson said...

Q: Thank you to you and Bill. That was a good one. I'll see how your coverage is next time I drive up to the city. I'll do a fresh post. This one is over 2 years old.

I suggest you get in touch with the local paper, the Pacifica Tribune. They could probably do an interview and get you some publicity.

Unknown said...

Hello Coastside and beyond,

I haven't seen any recent posts lately, just curious if the new Optimod has improved the overall quality of QFM's signal.

Mike H.

(The QFM "janitor")
in Linda Mar

Unknown said...

Hello Joe,

Just looking for a "fresh" post...have you checked our coverage lately? Sure hope that installing the new OPTIMOD was worth the investment! (just kidding, it was...)

Thanks for listening and reporting!

Mike H. in Linda Mar
(the QFM "janitor)

Joe Thompson said...

Mike: I added a new post on Q-FM. I think the signal sounds great. Click on some of the labels and you'll find other posts I made about the station when it was KLSI and now that it is KARC.