Saturday, June 8, 2013

San Gregorio -- June 8, 2013

The weather was beautiful today so we took a drive down the coast.  Between San Gregorio and Pescadero on Highway One, one lane was closed and there was a light letting alternate sides use the remaining lane.  Two guys towing a boat with a pickup managed to get stuck right at the beginning of the single lane.  It looked as if there may have been a slide on the landward side.  By the time we got to Pescadero, there was no parking.  We gave up and took Stage Road to San Gregorio.  There was more traffic than usual because of the work on Highway One.  We stopped at the general store and bought sandwiches, ginger snaps and sodas.  While we waited in line, someone ran in and asked the clerk to call 911.  A motorcyclist had fallen dodging an auto on the road from Woodside.  We sat in the store and listened to some musicians who were taking a break.  Sheriff's deputies came fairly soon, then the CalFire truck from Pescadero, then finally an ambulance.  I don't know how the motorcyclist was doing.  We drove on up Stage Road and Highway One to Half Moon Bay, where we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some items. 

Good Shepherd was having Confirmation at 5 o'clock mass, so we went to Saint Peter's at 4:30.  Then we had dinner at Guerrero's. 

I took the photo of the San Gregorio General Store on 27-June-2011. The sky was sunnier and the store was busier today. 

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