Saturday, June 1, 2013

Joe's Cable Car -- June 1, 2013

Today was bright and sunny.  We drove over to Mission and Silver to visit Joe's Cable Car, which is famous for its hamburgers.  We got there early, and it filled up rapidly.  My wife ordered a mushroom burger with onion rings and I ordered an avocado burger with French fries.  We admired the eclectic decor while we waited for our food.  The cooks ring a cable car bell when orders are up. 

The burgers were both very good.  My bun held together till the last couple of bites.  The mushrooms were good.  The avocado was a little firmer than I liked, but everything tasted good.  My wife said the onion rings were excellent.  I tried an one and it was light, not greasy.  The fries were nice, but I like the ones at Bill's better.  Both hamburgers came with a slice of cantaloupe.  I was full before I finished my fries.  We agreed we would come back. 

A waitress brought our bill and picked up the money, saying she would bring back our change.  We waited a while and another waitress brought us another bill for the same amount and went to another table.  I caught her on her way back and said we had already paid and were waiting for our change.  She apologized and went back to look for our change.  She brought it soon after. 

I'll post some more photos on my cable car site in July. 

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