Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thomas-Morse M.B.-7 -- June 2, 2013

The Thomas-Morse M.B.-7 was a racing monoplane built for the United States Navy.  One participated in the 1921 Pulitzer Trophy race but crashed and burned.  The other participated in the 1922 Pulitzer Trophy racebut withdrew because of engine troubles.  It was a clean-lined, fast airplane.

The images are from the 1922 Aircraft Yearbook.  

Friday night we went to the graduation dinner dance for Good Shepherd school.  I have spoken to the graduates four times for the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest.  The video presentation was excellent.

This evening we went to mass at Good Shepherd.  It was the monthly young peoples' mass.  The collection went well, with five kids volunteering.  My wife and I were eucharistic ministers. 

On display by the altar was a trophy that the Good Shepherd council of the Knights of Columbus won at the state convention.  

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