Friday, June 14, 2013

BART Adventures #2 -- June 14, 2013

Yesterday the BART board approved a 2014 budget that includes funding for the process of replacing the current fleet with the Fleet of the Future starting in 2017.  The new cars will be built by Bombardier Transit Corporation. The image is from the BART website ( 

This afternoon I was on a conference call dealing with a production problem at work when my cell phone rang.  My wife wanted to let me know that BART was having big problems on this side of the bay.  I checked and found a report of delays but no details.  The KCBS website said that this morning grass caught fire by the line between Balboa Park and Daly City and damaged the interlocking plant. 

After I got off the call, I left the office early.  I had to get home so I could work tonight.  The platform at Embarcadero station was crowded.  There were announcements about service delays, but I caught a 10-car Airport train seven minutes later and got a seat.  The train went to 24th and Mission and stopped.  The operator explained that we would be there for a while because they were single tracking ahead.  We stayed there and saw two trains go by the wrong way on the other track, then went on to Glen Park.  We had a shorter wait there, then we went on to Balboa Park, Daly City and Colma with no further delays.  I couldn't see the burned area. 

Madison Bumgarner and the Giants just shut out the Braves 6-0.  Last night Matt Cain shut out the Pirates. 

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