Saturday, March 2, 2013

San Francisco History Expo #3 -- March 2, 2013

Today I attended the third annual San Francisco History Expo at the Old Mint. There was a good crowd. There were some new exhibitors this year, including ThinkWalks.  It was nice to meet with Joel Pomerantz in person.

At the Cable Car Museum display, I had nice chats with José Godoy and with Don Holmgren and Mike Phipps, co-authors of the excellent book Watermusic in the Track. I took this photo of Don and Mike posing in front of the world's largest cable car bell, created by José 's dad, Gilberto Godoy.  I heard Mike Phipps talk about "The Geary Street, Park and Ocean Cable Car Company, 1880-1912: The Premier Line of the New Municipal Railway."

At the Western Neighborhoods Project display, I talked to Woody LaBounty and got to meet David Gallagher.  I'm looking forward to Woody's new book about Ingleside Terrace.

The Market Street Railway had a huge exhibit where I met retired Muni inspector Art Curtis, whom I have corresponded with for years.

Wells Fargo, which sponsored the expo, had a nice exhibit.  

I met my wife, who had been proctoring at the Junior High Academic Decathalon, and we had sandwiches at Latte Express.  Good Shepherd placed fourth in the Super Quiz, missing third by one point, and one kid won the literature section. 

We went to 5 o'clock mass at Good Shepherd.  It was the teen mass.  A nice group helped take the collection. 

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