Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Saturday #2 -- March 30, 2013

Yesterday was busy at work but I was able to get out during the noon hour. The new office is not near Saint Patrick's, so I walked up Bush to Notre Dame des Victoires.  It was not as crowded as Saint Patrick's.  I stayed for the readings, then had to head back.  The weather was warm and sunny. 

My wife met me downtown about 4pm and we took a leisurely walk over to the ballpark.  It felt funny going to a game on Good Friday, but a family at Good Shepherd School had gotten a luxury box, actually two boxes, and sold tickets to raise money for the school.  Kids and parents were happy to see my wife.

The weather was nice when we got there, but it cooled off rapidly.  The Giants had lost the first game of the Bay Bridge Series against the Athletics.  Barry Zito pitched well and gave up one run.  He left with a lead and relievers held it and Sergio Romo closed.  I took the photo of Romo's teammates coming out to celebrate the victory.

This morning we went to Mazzeti's Bakery to pick up some Easter goodies. 

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