Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ferry Santa Rosa -- March 12, 2013

Santa Rosa was built in 1927 for the Northwestern Pacific (my favorite railroad) as an auto ferry. She was later operated by the Southern Pacific/Golden Gate line. In 1940, displaced by the Golden Gate Bridge, she went to Puget Sound and was renamed Enetai.Puget Sound Navigation reengined her, replacing her diesel-electric drive with a with direct drive diesel engine and made her single-ended. She started on the Seattle-Bremerton run in 1941. Washington State Ferries retired Enetai in 1968 because she was single ended and expensive to operate.

Enetai returned to San Francisco, where she was restored to her original appearance and her original name. Santa Rosa is now docked at Pier 3 in San Francisco, and is leased out for parties and gatherings by Hornblower Yachts. I took the photo on 19-January-2013. 

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