Monday, March 25, 2013

Devil's Slide Bypass Tunnels Open -- March 25, 2013

The Ocean Shore Railroad was killed off by, among other things, Devil's Slide, a scenic stretch of coastline which keeps slipping down towards the ocean. The state took over the land to build Highway One. Highway One has fallen in many times during or shortly after the rainy season, often being closed for several months. This is very bad for the local economy. My dad was involved in drilling and studying the area in the 1950s.

 Today a bunch of politicians will cut the ribbon on the Devil's Slide bypass, only 16 years after the voters approved the project.  Better late than never.

This sign stood at the site office of one of the contractors, on the otherwise unused Oddstad School property. I took the photo on 10-October-2007. 

Other things that killed the Ocean Shore include the 1906 Earthquake and Fire and the automobile.  

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