Friday, March 8, 2013

No Need of a Missing Link -- March 8, 2013

Doctor Peter Henri Van Der Weyde wrote the series of articles which gave this blog its name. This item about a talk on Ernst Haeckel's evolutionary ideas is from the 05-December-1888 New-York Times. Haeckel is famous for his Theory of Recapitulation ("ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny"). The image comes from the February, 1893 issue of Manufacturer and Builder


The New-York Academy of Anthropology, at its regular monthly meeting at the Cooper Union yesterday afternoon, listened to an interesting paper by Dr. P.H. Van der Weyde on Haeckel's "Theory of Evolution," illustrated with drawings of the 12 races of mankind in connection with those of 12 species of monkeys.  Haeckel and his disciples take the ground that man is evolved from the monkey and hence that there is no need for a missing link.  The necessity for a man with a tail is is done away with, since there are three or four species of monkeys without tails.

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