Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dense Bay Fog Makes Trouble for Shipping -- March 26, 2013

North Pacific Coast ferry Sausalito rammed and sank ferry San Rafael on 30-November-1901.  Sausalito survives as a clubhouse in Antioch.  Southern Pacific ferry Berkeley was known as a bad luck boat.  She is preserved at a maritime museum in San Diego.  Philadelphia was probably the USS Philadelphia, a protected cruiser. 

From the 11-March-1900 San Francisco Call. William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the newspaper. Click on the image to see a larger version. 


Sausalito and Tiburon Ferry Steamers Have Narrow Escapes.

The first of the March fogs put in its appearance on the bay this morning.  About 7 a. m. it was very thick and many of the ferryboats were from fifteen minutes to a half-hour late in making a landing. At one time the steam whaler William Baylies, German bark Paul Isenberg and British ships General Gordan and Cromdale, the ferry steamers Sausallto and Tiburon and the tug Sea Queen towing the bark Ferris S. Thompson, were all in a general mix-up. The ferryboats and the tug were dodging in and out among the outward-bound fleet for half an hour. Finally the tangle seemed to be straightened out, and the Sausalito was going full speed ahead for her slip when the tug and her tow loomed up.  All is well that ends well, and way was stopped on both vessels in time to avert a collision.

The steamer Berkeley while making her slip missed her landing owing to the fog and crashed into the dolphin. The damage was very slight.

About 10 a. m. the fog lifted, but only to settle down again about noon. All the transports at anchor in the bay were running their launches, while the Philadelphia and Marion had their boats in commission. When the fog set down again every one of them was in the bay, either bound for the shore or making for the transports. Finally, after a succession of whistling from the launches and ringing of bells on the transports, the launches made their landings and all was well.

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