Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alaska #8 -- July 27, 2008

On Sunday, Monsignor Bruce Dreier of Saint Robert's in San Bruno said mass in the lounge at the stern. He asked for volunteer readers, so I did the first reading and my wife did the responsorial psalm. It was a nice service and lots of people showed up. After, we couldn't find a table that would fit us and the in-laws in the buffet.
We spent the whole day at sea and I think many of the passengers were going stir crazy. People were very excited when we began to see land, along Vancouver Island.
I think after a week on the ship that entropy was setting in. There was a stain on the tablecloth at dinner. Bits of the ship seemed dirtier.
Above is a shot of our cabin after it had been made up for the evening. We found it convenient to move the ladder to the foot of the upper bunk. Our cabin attendant, Eddie, did a remarkable job of keeping the room clean throughout the trip.
My daughter and I took some time to further explore the ship. We found the black box in the afternoon.
I was very anxious to get home.
Last weekend, the Brewers swept the Giants. During the week the Giants swept the Nationals. This weekend, Arizona swept the Giants. Sigh.

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