Friday, July 18, 2008

Alaska #3 -- July 18, 2008

This was our second full day at sea and the family continued to grow antsy. The seas grew calmer but we got more nervous. I enjoyed walking around the promenade deck, deck 7. That is where I took this photo of a life preserver. I like the emergency light attached to it.
In the morning we attended a presentation by the resident naturalist, Allan Cortash (?), on whales. We enjoyed his style and learned a lot.
Later we sat in the library. My wife and daughter played Scrabble. I had not brought my book, so I looked out the window and watched as the horizon rose and fell above and below one of the rails. I served as the Scrabble dictionary.
One night (that night?) we went to hear a British guy named Brett Cave who played the piano, sang, and verbally abused people in the Atrium lounge. He played many Van Morrison and Elton John tunes. His schtick is to force people to sing along. He led a very difficult game of "Name That Tune."
Everyone was desperate to reach land. Tomorrow: Ketchikan.

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