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Toonerville Trolley -- Kicking Power -- November 3, 2023

Perth Amboy Evening News, 13-November-1923

I love Fontaine Fox's The Toonerville Trolley That Meets All the Trains.

Brownsville Herald, 13-November-1923

Several electric Railway operations claimed to be the inspiration of the Toonerville Trolley. I doubt that the five-mile-long Bryan and College Interurban Railway was the real inspiration. 


-- What was called the original 'Toonerville Trolley,' an interurban line between Bryan, Texas, and College Station, is no more. It has been forced to suspend operations as a result of a motor bus transportation system established by four athletes of A. & M. College, here and the owner, Fred W. Adams, is now engaged in operating a chicken ranch.

The line, which is said to have inspired a now famous cartoon, operated two cars and for a number of years was managed with some measure of success. Students at the local college are not allowed to keep automobiles and the trolley was their only means of transportation to Bryan. The jitney bus, at one time seemed on the point of causing serious difficulties to the line, but the college authorities promulgated a rule against jitneys stopping on the campus, and the trolley continued to operate at a profit.

But it was sever months later that four A. & M. College athletes decided to go into the transportation business on a large scale. They rented four motor busses and announced they would start a bus line between Bryan and College Station. The day came when they did start operation and from then on the business of the interurban line dwindled until Mr. Adams finally decided to abandon the system.

Washington Times, 30-June-1918

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