Wednesday, November 1, 2023

November, 2023 Version of the Cable Car Home Page -- November 1, 2023

Los Angeles Herald, 10-September-1891

I just put the November 2023 version of my Cable Car Home Page on the server:

It includes some new items:

  1. Picture of the Month: A contemporary newspaper article about the last run of the original Clay Street Hill Railroad.
  2. On the Clay Street Hill Railroad page: On the Clay Street Hill Railroad page: More about the end of the original Clay Street Hill Railroad
  3. Added News items about a cable car/auto collision and an earthquake

Ten years ago this month (November, 2013):

  1. Picture of the Month: Two cars of Pittsburgh's Central Traction Company ran into a political parade. (Source: "Marching Men Cut to Pieces by Cable Cars," The Pittsburg Dispatch, 16-October-1892.)
  2. On the Pennsylvania page: The Central Traction Company, Pittsburgh's third Hallidie-type cable car line, including newspaper articles about a terrible accident in 1892
  3. On the Who page: Added a profile from the Street Railway Journal about cable traction pioneer Andrew S Hallidie.
  4. Also on the Who page: Added a photo of a marker on the Ferry building to the article on Howard C Holmes.
  5. On the More California Street Pictures page: Several photos I took in May and June, 2007
  6. Added News items about the Cable Car Chorus and a mysterious package in Union Square that caused a Powell Street cable car shutdown

Twenty years ago this month (November, 2003):

  1. Picture of the Month: Paris cable tram
  2. On the Other Cities page: Paris - Tramway Funiculaire de Belleville", the only Hallidie-type cable line in France
  3. "Le Tramway Funiculaire De Belleville", my attempt at translating an 1890 magazine article about the line
  4. Added photos to my article about the 40th Annual Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest
  5. Added banner and News item about raffle to support Cable Car Division Senior Luncheon

125 Years Ago This Month (November, 1898): 

November 1 - The Metropolitan Street Railway (Kansas City, MO) closed its 5th Street-Wyandotte line November 1 - The Brooklyn Elevated Railway (New York, NY) began running its trains across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, using the New York & Brooklyn Bridge's cable line.

Coming in December, 2023: Cable cars of Christmas past.

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