Monday, November 6, 2023

Jazz Funeral -- November 6, 2023


Washington Times, 19-November-1923

A barber in the Friuli region of Italy wanted to have a jazz funeral. The cops intervened. 

Jazz Funeral

ROME. —The amazing sight of couples fox trotting to the accompaniment of a jazz band round the bier of a funeral cortege caused the intervention of the police at Udine, in northern Italy.

It was explained to the police that the funeral was that of a prominent barber, who in his will had requested that his body should be accompanied to the graveside by a jazz band playing the liveliest music obtainable. The funeral procession, it appeared, had started out decorously enough, but the dance music at last proved irresistible to the younger couples, with the above result.

The police thereupon took upon themselves the management of the rest of the ceremony.

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