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The Allen-Hagan Prize Fight 150 -- November 18, 2023

Wheeling Daily Register, 20-November-1873

On 18-November-1873, in Pacific City, Iowa, Heavyweight Champion of America Tom Allen defended his title against Ben Hogan. Allen got credited with the win, despite fouling Hogan in the second and the spectators rioting. It sounds as if the fix was in. Hogan's name got spelled various ways. 

The Allen-Hagan Prize Fight

OMAHA, November 19. -- The prize fight business is decidedly mixed this morning. Eagan remained in the county jail all night and bis friends are making every effort to get him out. Looney and the other manager want to get back to St. Louis and settle things up there. Tom Allen declares positively this morning that he will never go in the ring again. Riley was forced to say the fight was a fraud by parties on the train, but there are a good many who claim that his formal decision on the fight will be given this morning, and that he will decide in favor of Hogan, if no outside influence is brought to bear. The sporting men are getting out of town as fast as possible. Everybody is disgusted.

The fight of yesterday still continues the exciting topic in this city. The disgraceful conduct of Allen has won Hogan the sympathy of many who on general principles condemn the prize ring.

The Herald says: "Boasting braggart Allen, who declared he could whip his antagonist in twenty minutes, got knocked some ten feet in the first round and then, seeing he was overmatched by the Pennsylvanian, dealt him an almost fatal foul in the second round. This is the man who calls himself the champion of the world. In the fight of yesterday this English bruiser wan probably backed by a referee who was trained to his service, who decided a foul, but refused the victory to the man who won it by all the known rules, and decides it a draw. If prize fighting must continue, we in common with others, desire to see fair play. The overwhelming sentiment is with Hogan, and nine out of ten who saw the fight believe Hogan whipped Allen. Hogan's physician says his patient is spitting blood from the blow.

Hogan's friends agree that as Allen struck foul, as is admitted by the referee, the fight belongs to Hogan and that the cutting of the ropes was not done bv Hogan nor at his suggestion, and he cannot be blamed for it. Both of the principals remain here for the present. After the fight James Eagan declared he would not deliver up Hogan's share of the money and he has been arrested and is now in jail. It is believed tnat Hojan is determined to have another match with Allen as soon as his health permits and that Dakota will be the next battle ground.

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