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Coulter -- The Jabez Howes Catching Her Second Schooner off Folsom-Street Wharf -- November 19, 2023

San Francisco Call, 14-March-1895

WA Coulter did many maritime drawings for the San Francisco Call.


The Average Catch of the Ship Jabez Howes During Two Days.


Collisions between vessels are quite the thing on the bay and along the city front now, and broken spars and rails adorn a number of craft in that locality. Tuesday afternoon the schooner J. M. Colman collided with the Jabez Howes and the big ship lost her jibboom.

Yesterday morning the steamer Walla Walla, while coming into the landing at the Beale-street coal bunker, smashed into the wharf, tearing away several stringers and otherwise giving the structure a very damaged appearance.

Yesterday afternoon another schooner -- the Robert and Minnie -- tried her hand upon the already disabled Jabez Howes. The ship was lying in the stream when the schooner, which was bound to sea, sailing out on a strong ebb-tide, attempted to cross her bow. The maneuver was witnessed from the wharves and the temerity of the skipper commented on before the catastrophe occurred. The schooner fell off in her efforts, to clear the big broken bowsprit that was pushed forward in her path, but the current dragged her down and she came to a standstill, impaled upon the ship's spar, with the starboard rigging wrecked and an enormous hole in the mainsail.

The schooner hung upon the ship's chain and she was in imminent danger of capsizing, when the tug Alert came to her relief. She was finally towed from her awkward position and taken to China Basin for repairs.

The Robert and Minnie is the famous schooner that carried the arms from this port to Santa Catalina, where they were finally transferred to the steamer Itala during the Chilean revolution.
Captain Clapp of the Jabez Howes says that one schooner a day is a pretty good catch, but he is not cruising for that kind of game, and begs that the small vessels of the bay will keep away from his ship till he gets her repaired.

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