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Over the Top -- Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches, Part Two -- June 30, 2017

Arthur Guy Empey was a member of the US Cavalry who resigned to volunteer for the British Army during World War One. He was wounded during the Battle of the Somme. When the US entered the war, he tried to rejoin the US Army, but was rejected because of his wounds and possibly because of some disparaging comments about American draftees. He wrote a book, Over the Top, about his experiences during the war.

"Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches"  is a glossary of terms used by British soldiers.  I am presenting it in three parts.  

Jack Johnson was the first African-American heavyweight champion.  

CHAPTER I -- From Mufti to Khaki
CHAPTER II -- Blighty to Rest Billets
CHAPTER III -- I Go to Church
CHAPTER IV -- Into the Trench
CHAPTER V -- Mud, Rats and Shells
CHAPTER VI -- "Back of the Line"
CHAPTER VII -- Rations
CHAPTER VIII -- The Little Wooden Cross

CHAPTER IX -- Suicide Annex  

CHAPTER X -- "The Day's Work" 
CHAPTER XI -- Over the Top CHAPTER XII -- Bombing  
CHAPTER XIII -- My First Official Bath    
CHAPTER XIV -- Picks and Shovels
CHAPTER XV -- Listening Post
CHAPTER XVI -- Battery D 238
CHAPTER XVII -- Out in Front  
CHAPTER XVIII - Staged Under Fire
CHAPTER XX -   Chats With Fritz
CHAPTER XXI -  "About Turn"
CHAPTER XXII -  Punishments and Machine-Gun Stunts
CHAPTER XXIII -  Gas Attacks and Spies
CHAPTER XXIV - The Firing Squad
CHAPTER XXV - Preparing For the Big Push 

CHAPTER XXVI - All Quiet (?) on the Western Front

Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches, Part One 


In this so-called dictionary I have tried to list most of the pet terms and slangy definitions, which Tommy Atkins uses a thousand times a day as he is serving in France. I have gathered them as I lived with him in the trenches and rest billets, and later in the hospitals in England where I met men from all parts of the line.

The definitions are not official, of course. Tommy is not a sentimental sort of animal so some of his definitions are not exactly complimentary, but he is not cynical and does not mean to offend anyone higher up. It is just a sort of "ragging" or "kidding," as the American would say, that helps him pass the time away.


"Jack Johnson." A seventeen-inch German shell. Probably called "Jack Johnson" because the Germans thought that with it they could lick the world.

Jackknife. A knife, issued to Tommy, which weighs a stone and won't cut. Its only virtue is the fact that it has a tin-opener attachment which won't open tins.

Jam. A horrible mess of fruit and sugar which Tommy spreads on his bread. It all tastes the same no matter whether labelled "Strawberry" or "Green Gage."

"Jam Tin." A crude sort of hand grenade which, in the early stages of the war, Tommy used to manufacture out of jam tins, ammonal, and mud. The manufacturer generally would receive a little wooden cross in recognition of the fact that he died for King and Country.

Jock. Universal name for a Scotchman.


"Kicked the bucket." Died.

Kilo. Five eighths of a mile. Ten "kilos" generally means a trek of fifteen miles.

"King's Shilling." Tommy's rate of pay per day, perhaps. "Taking the King's Shilling" means enlisting.

"Kip." Tommy's term for "sleep." He also calls his bed his "kip." It is on guard that Tommy most desires to kip.

Kit Bag. A part of Tommy's equipment in which he is supposed to pack up his troubles and smile, according to the words of a popular song (the composer was never in a trench).

Kitchener's Army. The volunteer army raised by Lord Kitchener, the members of which signed for duration of war. They are commonly called the "New Army" or "Kitchener's Mob." At first the Regulars and Territorials looked down on them, but now accept them as welcome mates.


Labor Battalion. An organization which is "too proud to fight."  They would sooner use a pick and shovel.

Lance-Corporal. A N. C. O. one grade above a private who wears a shoestring stripe on his arm and thinks the war should be run according to his ideas.

"Lead." The leading pair of horses or mules on a limber. Their only fault is that they won't lead (if they happen to be mules).

Leave Train. The train which takes Tommy to one of the seaports on the Channel en route to Blighty when granted leave. The worst part of going on leave is coming back.

Lee Enfield. Name of the rifiVused by the British Army. Its caliber is .303 and the magazine holds ten rounds. When dirty it has a nasty habit of getting Tommy's name on the crime sheet.

"Legging it." Running away.

Lewis Gun. A rifle-like machine gun, air cooled, which only carries 47 rounds in its "pie-plate" magazine. Under fire when this magazine is emptied you shout for "ammo" but perhaps No. 2, the ammo carrier, is lying in the rear with a bullet through his napper. Then it's "napoo-fini" (Tommy's French) for Mr. Lewis.

"Light Duty." What the doctor marks on the sick report opposite a Tommy's name when he has doubts as to whether said Tommy is putting one over on him. Usually Tommy is.

Light Railway. Two thin iron tracks on which small flat cars full of ammunition and supplies are pushed. These railways afford Tommy great sport in the loading, pushing, and unloading of cars.

Limber. A match box on two wheels which gives the Army mule a job. It also carries officer's packs

Liquid Fire. Another striking example of German "Kultur." According to the Germans it is supposed to annihilate whole brigades, but Tommy refuses to be annihilated.

Listening Post. Two or three men detailed to go out "in front" at night, to lie on the ground and listen for any undue activity in the German lines. They also listen for the digging of mines. It is nervous work and when Tommy returns he generally writes for a box of "Phosperine Tablets," a widely advertised nerve tonic.

"Little Willie." Tommy's nickname for the German Crown Prince. They are not on speaking terms.

"Lloyd George's Pets." Munition workers in England.

"Lonely Soldier." A soldier who advertises himself as "lonely" through the medium of some English newspaper. If he is clever and diplomatic by this method he generally receives two or three parcels a week, but he must be careful not to write to two girls living on the same block or his parcel post mail will diminish.

"Lonely Stab." A girl who writes and sends parcels to Tommy. She got his name from the "Lonely Soldier Column" of some newspaper.

Loophole. A disguised aperture in a trench through which to "snipe" at Germans.

Lyddite. A high explosive used in shells. Has a habit of scattering bits of anatomy over the landscape.


M. G. C. Machine Gun Corps. A collection of machine gunners who think they are the deciding factor of the war, and that artillery is unnecessary.

M. G. Machine Gunner. A man who, like an American policeman, is never there when he is badly wanted.

Maconochie. A ration of meat, vegetables, and soapy water, contained in a tin. Mr. Maconochie, the chemist who compounded this mess, intends to commit "hari kari" before the boys return from the front. He is wise.

"Mad Minute." Firing fifteen rounds from your rifle in sixty seconds. A man is mad to attempt it, especially with a stiff bolt.

Mail Bag. A canvas bag which is used to bring the other fellow's mail around.

Major. An officer in a Battalion who wears a crown on his uniform, is in command of two companies, and corrects said companies in the second position of "present arms." He also resides in a dugout.

Maneuvers. Useless evolutions of troops conceived by someone higher up to show Tommy how brave his officers are and how battles should be fought. The enemy never attend these maneuvers to prove they're right.

Mass Formation. A close order formation in which the Germans attack. It gives them a sort of "Come on, I'm with you" feeling. They would "hold hands" only for the fact that they have to carry their rifles. Tommy takes great delight in "busting up" these gatherings.

Mate. A soldier with whom Tommy is especially "chummy." Generally picked because this soldier receives a parcel from home every week.

Maxim. Type of machine gun which has been supplanted by the Vickers in order to make Tommy unlearn what he has been taught about the Maxim.

M. T. Mechanical Transport. The members of which are ex-taxi drivers. No wonder Tommy's rations melt away when the M. T. carries them.

M. O. Medical Officer. A doctor specially detailed to tell Tommy that he is not sick.

"M. and D." What the doctor marks on the " sicker" or sick report when he thinks Tommy is faking sickness. It means medicine and duty.

Mentioned in Despatches. Recommended for bravery. Tommy would sooner be recommended for leave. .

"Mercy Kamerad." What Fritz says when he has had a bellyful of fighting and wants to surrender. Of late this has been quite a popular phrase with him, replacing the Hymn of Hate.

Mess Orderly. A soldier detailed daily to carry Tommy's meals to and from the cook-house.

Mess Tin. An article of equipment used as a tea-kettle and dinner-set.

"Mike and George." K.C.M.G. (Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George). An award for bravery in the field.

Military Cross. A badge of honor dished out to officers for bravery. Tommy insists they throw dice to see which is the bravest. The winner gets the medal.

Military Medal. A piece of junk issued to Tommy who has done something that is not exactly brave but still is not cowardly. When it is presented he takes it and goes back wondering why the Army picks on him.

M. P. Military Police. Soldiers with whom it is unsafe to argue.

"Mills." Name of a bomb invented by Mills. The only bomb in which Tommy has full confidence,—and he mistrusts even that

Mine. An underground tunnel dug by sappers of the Royal Engineer Corps. This tunnel leads from your trench to that of the enemy's. At the end or head of the tunnel a great quantity of explosives are stored which at a given time are exploded. It is Tommy's job to then go "over the top" and occupy the crater caused by the explosion.

Mine Shaft. A shaft leading down to the "gallery" or tunnel of a mine. Sometimes Tommy, as a reward, is given the job of helping the R. E.'s dig this shaft.

Minnenwerfer. A high-power trench mortar shell of the Germans, which makes no noise coming through the air. It was invented by Professor Kultur. Tommy does not know it is near until it bites him; after that nothing worries him. Tommy nicknames them "Minnies."

Mouth Organ. An instrument with which a vindictive Tommy causes misery to the rest of his platoon. Some authorities define it as a "musical instrument."

Mud. A brownish, sticky substance found in the trenches after the frequent rains. A true friend to Tommy, which sticks to him like glue, even though at times Tommy resents this affection and roundly curses said mud.

Mufti. The term Tommy gives to civilian clothes. Mufti looks good to him now.


Nap. A card game of Tommy's in which the one who stays awake the longest grabs the pot. If all the players fall asleep, the pot goes to the "Wounded Soldiers' Fund."

"Napoo-Fini." Tommy's French for gone, through with, finished, disappeared.

"Napper." Tommy's term for head.

Neutral. Tommy says it means "afraid to fight."

Next of Kin. Nearest relative. A young and ambitious platoon officer bothers his men two or three times a month taking a record of their "next of kin," because he thinks that Tommy's grandmother may have changed to his uncle.

"Night ops." Slang for night operations or maneuvers.

Nine-point-two. A howitzer which fires a shell 9.2 inches in diameter, and knocks the tiles off the roof of Tommy's billet through the force of its concussion.

No Man's Land. The space between the hostile trenches called "No Man's Land" because no one owns it and no one wants to. In France you could not give it away.

N. C. C. Non-Combatant Corps. Men who joined the Army under the stipulation that the only thing they would fight for would be their meals. They have no "King and Country."

N. C. O. Non-commissioned officer. A person hated more than the Germans. Tommy says his stripes are issued out with the rations, and he ought to know.

"No. 9." A pill the doctor gives^you if you are suffering with corns or barber's itch or any disease at all. If none are in stock, he gives you a No. 6 and No. 3, or a No. 5 and No. 4, anything to make nine.

Nosecap. That part of a shell which unscrews and contains the device and scale for setting the time fuse. Some Tommies are ardent souvenir hunters. As soon as a shell bursts in the ground you will see them out with picks and shovels digging in the shell hole for the nose cap. If the shell bursts too near them they don't dig.


Observation Balloon. A captive balloon behind the lines which observes the enemy. The enemy doesn't mind being observed, so takes no notice of it. It gives someone a job hauling it down at night, so it has one good point.

Observation Post. A position in the front line where an artillery officer observes the fire of our guns. He keeps on observing until a German shell observes him. After this there is generally a new officer and a new observation post.

O. C. Officer commanding.

Officers' Mess. Where the officers eat the mess that the O. S. have cooked.

O. S. Officers' servants. The lowest ranking private in the Army, who feeds better than the officers he waits on.

"Oil Cans." Tommy's term for a German trench mortar shell, which is an old tin filled with explosive and junk that the Boches have no further use for.

"One up." Tommy's term for a lance-corporal who wears one stripe. The private always wonders why he was overlooked when promotions were in order.

"On the mat." When Tommy is haled before his commanding officer to explain why he has broken one of the seven million King's regulations for the government of the Army. His "explanation" never gets him anywhere unless it is on the wheel of a limber.

"On your own." Another famous or infamous phrase which means Tommy is allowed to do as he pleases. An officer generally puts Tommy "on his own" when he gets Tommy into a dangerous position and sees no way to extricate him.

Orderly-Corporal. A non-commissioned officer who takes the names of the sick every morning and who keeps his own candle burning after he has ordered "Lights out" at night.

Orderly-Officer. An officer who, for a week, goes around and asks if there are "any complaints" and gives the name of the complaining soldier to the Orderly-Sergeant for extra pack drill.

Orderly Room. The Captain's office where everything is disorderly.

Orderly-Sergeant. A sergeant who, for a week, is supposed to do the work of the Orderly-Officer.

"Out of bounds." The official Army term meaning that Tommy is not allowed to trespass where this sign is displayed. He never wished to until the sign made its appearance.

"Out there." A term used in Blighty which means "in France." Conscientious objectors object to going "out there."

"Over the Top." A famous phrase of the trenches. It is generally the order for the men to charge the German lines. Nearly always it is accompanied by the Jonah wish, "With the best o' luck and give them hell."

Oxo. Concentrated beef cubes that a fond mother sends out to Tommy because they are advertised as "British to the Backbone."


Packing. Asbestos wrapping around the barrel of a machine gun to keep the water from leaking out of the barrel casing. Also slang for rations.

Pack Drill. Punishment for a misdemeanor. Sometimes Tommy gets caught when he fills his pack with straw to lighten it for this drill.

Parados. The rear wall of a trench which the Germans continually fill with bits of shell and rifle bullets. Tommy doesn't mind how many they put in the parados.

Parapet. The top part of a front trench which Tommy constantly builds up and the Germans just as constantly knock down.

Patrol. A few soldiers detailed to go out in "No Man's Land," at night and return without any information. Usually these patrols are successful.

Pay Book. A little book in which is entered the amount of pay Tommy draws. In the back of same there is also a space for his "will and last testament"; this to remind Tommy that he is liable to be killed. (As if he needed any reminder.)

Pay Parade. A formation at which Tommy lines up for pay. When his turn comes the paying-officer asks, "How much?" and Tommy answers, "Fifteen francs, sir." He gets five.

Periscope. A thing in the trenches which you look through. After looking through it, you look over the top to really see something.

"Physical torture." The nickname for physical training. It is torture, especially to a recruit.

Pick. A tool shaped like an anchor which is being constantly handed to Tommy with the terse command, "get busy."

Pioneer. A soldier detailed in each company to keep the space around the billets clean. He sleeps all day and only gets busy when an officer comes round. He also sleeps at night.

"Pip squeak." Tommy's term for a small German shell which makes a "pip" and then a "squeak," when it comes over.

Poilu. French term, for their private soldier. Tommy would use it and sometimes does, but each time he pronounces it differently, so no one knows what he is talking about.

Pontoon. A card game, in America known as "Black Jack" or "Twenty One." The banker is the only winner.

Provost-Sergeant. A sergeant detailed to oversee prisoners, their work, etc. Each prisoner solemnly swears that when he gets out of "clink" he is going to shoot this sergeant and when he does get out he buys him a drink.

Pull Through. A stout cord with a weight on one end, and a loop on the other for an oily rag. The weighted end is dropped through the bore of the rifle and the rag on the other end is "pulled through."

Pump. A useless contrivance for emptying the trenches of water. "Useless" because the trenches refuse to be emptied.

"Pushing up the Daisies." Tommy's term for a soldier who has been killed and buried in France.


"Queer." Tommy's term for being sick. The doctor immediately informs him that there is nothing queer about him, and Tommy doesn't know whether to feel insulted or complimented.

Quid. Tommy's term for a pound or twenty shillings (about $4.80). He is not on very good terms with this amount as you never see the two together.

Q. M.-Sergeant. Quartermaster-Sergeant, or "Quarter" as he is called. A non-commissioned officer in a company who wears three stripes and a crown, and takes charge of the company stores, with the emphasis on the "takes." In civil life he was a politician or burglar.


Range Finder. An instrument for ascertaining the distance between two objects, using the instrument as one object. It is very accurate only you get a different result each time you use it, says Tommy.

Rapid Fire. Means to stick your head "over the top" at night, aim at the moon, and empty your magazine. If there is no moon, aim at the spot where it should be.

Ration Bag. A small, very small bag for carrying rations. Sometimes it is really useful for lugging souvenirs.

Rations. Various kinds of tasteless food issued by the Government to Tommy, to kid him into thinking that he is living in luxury, while the Germans are starving.

Ration Party. Men detailed to carry rations to the front line; pick out a black, cold, and rainy night; put a fifty-pound box on your shoulder; sling your rifle and carry one hundred twenty rounds of ammunition. Then go through a communication trench, with the mud up to your knees, down this trench for a half-mile, and then find your mates swearing in seven different languages; duck a few shells and bullets, and then ask Tommy for his definition of a "ration party." You will be surprised to learn that it is the same as yours.

Rats. The main inhabitants of the trenches and dugouts. Very useful for chewing up leather equipment and running over your face when asleep. A British rat resembles a bulldog, while a German one, through a course of Kultur, resembles a dachshund.

"Red Cap." Tommy's nickname for a Staff Officer because he wears a red band around his cap.

Red Tape. A useless sort of procedure. The main object of this is to prolong the war and give a lot of fat jobs to Army politicians.

Regimental Number. Each soldier has a number whether or not he was a convict in civil life. Tommy never forgets his number when he sees it on "orders for leave."

R. P. Regimental Police. Men detailed in a Battalion to annoy Tommy and to prevent him from doing what he most desires.

Reinforcements. A lot of new men sent out from England who think that the war will be over a week after they enter the trenches.

Relaying. A term used by the artillery. After a gun is fired it is "relayed" or aimed at something out of sight.

Respirator. A cloth helmet, chemically treated, with glass eyeholes, which Tommy puts over his head as a protection against poison gas. This helmet never leaves Tommy's person, he even sleeps with it.

Rest. A period of time for rest allotted to Tommy upon being relieved from the trenches. He uses this "rest" to mend roads, dig trenches, and make himself generally useful while behind the lines.

Rest Billets. Shell shattered houses, generally barns, in which Tommy "rests," when relieved from the firing line.

"Ricco." Term for a ricochet bullet. It makes a whining noise and Tommy always ducks when a "ricco" passes him.

Rifle. A part of Tommy's armament. Its main use is to be cleaned. Sometimes it is fired, when you are not using a pick or shovel. You also "present arms by numbers" with it. This is a very fascinating exercise to Tommy. Ask him.

Rifle Grenade. A bomb on the end of a rod. This rod is inserted into the barrel of a specially designed rifle.

"R.I.P." In monk's highbrow, "Requiscat in pace," put on little wooden crosses over soldier's graves. It means "Rest in peace," but Tommy says like as not it means "Rest in pieces," especially if the man under the cross has been sent West by a bomb or shell explosion.

"Road Dangerous, Use Trench." A familiar sign on roads immediately in rear of the firing line. It is to warn soldiers that it is within sight of Fritz. Tommy never believes these signs and swanks up the road. Later on he tells the Red Cross nurse that the sign told the truth.

"Roll of Honor." The name given to the published casualty lists of the war. Tommy has no ambition for his name to appear on the "Roll of Honor" unless it comes under the heading "Slightly Wounded."

R. C. Roman Catholic. One of the advantages of being a R. C, is that "Church Parade" is not compulsory.

"Rooty." Tommy's nickname for bread.

Route March. A useless expenditure of leather and energy. These marches teach Tommy to be kind to overloaded beasts of burden.

R. A. M. C. Royal Army Medical Corps. Tommy says it means "Rob All My Comrades."

R. E.'s. Royal Engineers.

R. F. A.'s. Royal Field Artillery men.

R. F. C.'s. Royal Flying Corps.

Rum. A nectar of the gods issued in the early morning to Tommy.

Rum issue. A daily formation at which Tommy receives a spoonful of rumj.that is if any is left over from the Sergeant's Mess.

Runner. A soldier who is detailed or picked as an orderly for an officer while in the trenches. His real job is to take messages under fire, asking how many tins of jam are required for 1917.

Next:  Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches, Part Three

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Red Devils Return to Pacifica #11 -- June 29, 2017

Pacifica is one of the two cities on the San Francisco peninsula that allow the sale of fireworks. The booths arrived last week.  This is the stand at the Park Mall in the San Pedro Valley.  I took the photo on 27-June-2017. 

Many Pacificans agree that selling fireworks is a bad idea: We have steep, brush-covered hillsides that pose a fire danger. People use the "safe and sane" fireworks to mask the unsafe and insane variety. Not to mention my cat hates the Fourth of July. 

Unfortunately, our charities claim that fireworks are the only thing they can sell that will generate enough money. That can't be true. What about drugs? Weapons? They're not thinking outside of the box.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Archbishop John R Quinn, RIP -- June 27, 2017

Archdiocese of San Francisco

I was sad to learn of the passing of John R Quinn, Archbishop Emeritus of San Francisco.  I remember when he was appointed in 1977.  He gave up the mansion on Broadway and lived in the rectory of Saint Thomas Apostle on Balboa.  He pushed for social justice.  Many people hated him for closing parishes, but he didn't have a choice.  He was strongly for interfaith cooperation.  Appropriately, he died in a Jewish nursing home. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ten Years -- June 24, 2017

I launched this blog on 24-June-2007, after a false start on Geocities earlier that month. 2,906 entries later, I can say I've met many nice people and learned some interesting things.  A special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to comment.

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cable cars 57
Cadillac 1
Caesar's Italian Restaurant 1
California Academy of Science 1
California Chrome 2
california historical society 11
California history 2
California poppies 1
California Tourist Guide and Handbook 1
California Trolley and Railroad Corporation 1
California Western Railroad 4
calliope 4
CalTrain 6
Caltrans 1
Camanche 2
Canada 2
Candlestick Park 3
Cantinflas 1
Caproni 1
Captain America 3
Captain Future 1
Captain Marvel 2
Captain Midnight 1
career day 1
Carl Herz 1
Carl Hubbell 1
Carl Nolte 4
Carole Lombard 1
Carroll John Daly 2
Carson City 5
Carter B Smith 1
Cartoon Art Museum 4
Carville 2
Casey at the Bat 2
Castles of Steel 1
Castro District 1
cat 124
Catalina 1
catching up 4
Catholic Schools Week 10
Cecil B DeMille 2
Central Coast Railroad Festival 2
Central County Fire Department 1
Central Pacific 4
Central Subway 5
Charlatans 1
Charles Addams 1
Charles Carter 3
Charles Dickens 2
Charles Durning 1
Charles Frohman 1
Charles Lindbergh 3
Charles Smallwood 2
Charles Sumner Tainter 1
Charlie Chaplin 19
Charlie Haden 1
Charlie Hebdo 1
Charlie Hickman 1
Charlie Parker 1
Chautauqua 1
Chesapeake and Ohio 1
Chessie 1
Chester Conklin 1
Chesty Puller 1
Chevrolet 1
Chevy 1
Chicago and North Western 1
Chicago Burlington and Quincy 2
Chicago Cubs 1
Chicago Great Western Railway 1
Chick Webb 1
Chico Hamilton 1
child labor 1
China Clipper 1
chinatown 7
Chinese New Year 11
Ching Ling Foo 3
Christina Empedocles 4
Christmas 62
Christmas tree 5
Christmas Truce 1
Christy Mathewson 4
Chronicle 12
Chuck Berry 1
Chutes 3
Cinco de Mayo 9
Cinéma Pur 1
Cinematograph 1
circus 8
Cisco Kid 1
City of Paris 2
City on Film 4
civil rights 4
Civil War 29
Clara Bow 16
Clare Briggs 2
Clark Terry 1
Classic Movie History Project Blogathon 3
Classics Illustrated 1
Claude Choules 1
Clement Street 2
Cliff Edwards 1
Cliff House 11
Climax Locomotive 1
Clint Eastwood 1
Clover Milk 1
Coast Artillery 1
Coast Guard 2
Coastside Fire Protection District 3
cold 1
Cole Porter 1
Coliseum Theatre 1
Colleen Moore 2
Colma 3
Colorado River 1
Columbia Phonograph Company 5
Columbus Day 9
Columbus Raid 1
comic book 53
comics 12
communism 1
Confederate Heritage Month 1
Congress 1
Count Basie 3
Coyle and Sharpe 1
crab 5
crane 1
Crazy Crab 1
Creature Features 2
cruise 11
cryptography 2
Cuba 1
curtiss 11
Cy Young 1
Cyril Porte 1
D W Griffith 1
D-Day 2
DA Pennebaker 1
dada 1
Daly City 1
Dan Hicks 1
Daniel Rasmussen 1
Danny Kaye 1
Dare-Devil Aces 1
Dario Resta 1
DARPA Challenge 1
Darren McGavin 1
Dashiell Hammett 15
Dave Brubeck 1
David Belasco 2
David Bowie 1
David Lloyd George 1
David Putnam 1
Dean Martin 1
Deanna Durbin 1
Deborah Aschheim 2
deer 1
Delage 2
Delaware 1
Denis Johnson 1
department store 2
Destroyer 1
Detroit and Lima Northern Railway 1
Devil's Slide 4
DeWolf Hopper 1
Diana Rigg 1
Dick Powell 1
Dick Tracy 1
Dimaggio 5
dime novel 7
dirigible 2
Dirty Harry 1
Disney Family Museum 1
Disney Museum 1
Disneyland 31
Dizzy Gillespie 3
DN-1 1
Doc Savage 3
Doctor P. H. Van der Weyde 55
Doctor Who 1
Dodgers 4
Don Adams 1
Don Zimmer 1
Donald Byrd 1
Donald Trump 2
Doolittle raid 1
door 26
Doris Lessing 1
Doris Miller 1
Dorothy Dalton 1
Dorothy Davenport 1
Dorothy Gish 3
Dorothy Lee 1
Dorothy Sebstian 2
Double Detective [pulp] 1
Douglas Fairbanks 2
Douglas Tilden 5
dreadnought 2
duck 5
Duesenberg 4
Duke Ellington 4
Dunninger 1
Dutch Darrin 1
DVD 18
DW Griffith 10
Dwight Eisenhower 2
Dylan Thomas 1
E Clampus Vitus 3
E-M-F 2
Earl Cooper 1
Earl Hines 3
Earl Weaver 1
Early Women Filmmakers Blogathon 1
Earth Day 1
Earth Wind and Fire 1
Eartha Kitt 1
earthquake 30
East Bay Terminal 26
Easter 15
Easter Rising 1
EC 6
Ed Sullivan 1
Eddie Cantor 1
Eddie Cline 1
Eddie Colla 2
Edgar Allan Poe 1
Edison 6
Edisonade 3
Edith Cavell 2
Edith Piaf 1
Edward Kennedy 1
Effie Shannon 1
Egypt 3
EL Doctorow 1
El Granada 3
election 14
Elizabeth Taylor 1
Elizabeth Warren 1
Ella Fitzgerald 1
Ella Raines 1
Ellis Island 2
Elmore Leonard 1
Elon Musk 1
Emancipation Proclamation 3
Embarcadero Center 2
Embarcadero Center Cinema 1
Empire Builder 1
Emporium 3
Eric Brown 1
Erik Satie 1
Ernest Borgnine 1
Ernest Hemingway 1
Ernest Lawrence Thayer 2
Ernie Banks 1
Ernie Lombardi 1
Ernst Haeckel 1
Ernst Udet 1
escapology 8
Essanay 5
Esther Ralston 1
Esther Williams 2
ethics 1
Etta James 1
Ettore Bugatti 1
Eugene Ely 2
Eugene Schmitz 1
Eureka 1
European Union 1
evolution 1
Executive Order 9066 1
Ezzard Charles 1
F Scott Fitzgerald 7
F-4 Phantom 1
Fairbanks 2
Famous Monsters of Filmland 3
Fannie Brice 1
Fantastic Adventures 1
Farley Granger 1
Farnum Fish 2
Father Damien 1
Father Paul Capitolo 1
Fathers' Day 9
Fay Wray 2
Federal League 1
Felix the Cat 2
Ferdinand von Zeppelin 1
ferry 43
Ferry Building 23
Ferry Tales 3
Fiction House 1
Fidel Castro 1
Fight Stories [pulp] 2
Fighting Joe Hooker 1
Film Fun 2
film noir 1
Fior d'Italia 1
fire 12
Fire Department of New York 1
fire truck 1
fireboat 5
firehouse 77
fireworks 14
First World War 189
Fisherman's Wharf 4
fishing 3
Fitchburg Railroad 1
Flag Day 9
Flaming Lotus Girls 1
Flash 1
flea circus 1
fleet week 2
Fletcher Henderson 1
flood 1
Florence Seidell 1
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr 1
Florine McKinney 1
Fly Trap Restaurant 1
flying 3
fog 3
Fog Fest 1
Fokker 3
food 1
football 7
For the Love of Film Blogathon 1
Ford 6
Ford Sterling 1
Ford Trimotor 1
Forrest J Ackerman 1
Fort Bragg 1
Fort Point 1
Fort Sumter 1
Frances Farmer 1
Frances Lee 1
Francis Ford 1
Francis Ford Coppola 1
Frank Buckles 1
Frank Lloyd Wright 2
Frank Merriwell 1
Frank Norris 3
Frank Reade 1
Frank Sinatra 1
Frank Van Hoven 1
Frankie Frisch 1
Frankie Trumbauer 2
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2
Franklin Pierce Adams 1
Franz Ferdinand 1
Fred Astaire 1
Fred Karno 2
Fred Mace 1
Fred Rogers 1
Frederick H Meyer 1
Frederick Marriott 1
free speech 1
Fresno 1
Friday the 13th 7
funicular 3
G Lindsay Campbell 3
G8 and His Battle Aces 1
Gaumont 2
Gaylord Perry 6
geared locomotive 1
geese 1
Gelett Burgess 4
Gene Autry 1
Gene Cernan 1
Gene Kelly 1
Gene Nelson 1
Geneva Car Barn 1
Geoffrey de Havilland 1
George McClellan 1
George Foreman 2
George Hallett 1
George Henry Thomas 1
George Herriman 1
George Lucas 1
George M Cohan 1
George Martin 1
George McGovern 1
George Mestach 1
George Michael 1
George O'Brien 1
George Pal 1
George W Hilton 1
George Washington 8
Georges Méliès 4
Gertrude Stein 1
Gettysburg Address 2
Ghia 1
Ghirardelli Square 1
ghost sign 23
Giants 215
Gil Evans 1
Gil Scott-Heron 1
Gilbert Waterhouse 1
Ginger Rogers 2
Gish Sisters Blogathon 3
Giuseppe Verdi 2
Glenn Martin 4
Glenn Miller 1
Gloria Swanson 2
Gold Dust Lounge 2
Gold Hill 1
Gold Rush 1
Golden Gate 1
Golden Gate Bridge 9
Golden Gate Express Railway 4
Golden Gate International Exposition 2
Golden Gate National Recreation Area 1
Golden Gate Park 15
Golden Gate Theatre 1
Golden State Limited 3
Good Friday 6
Good Shepherd 93
Google Ferry 2
Google Glass 1
Goon Show 1
Gore Vidal 1
Gotha 1
Grace Bradley 2
Grace Slick 1
graffitti 4
Grafonola 1
Graham Greene 1
gramophone 1
Grand Canyon 1
Grand Central Terminal 1
Grand Prix 1
Grantland Rice 1
graphophone 2
Grateful Dead 2
Grauman's Chinese 34
Great Depression 1
Great Gatsby 6
Great Northern 2
Great War 188
green energy 1
Green Lama 1
Greg Minton 1
Gregg Allman 1
Gregory Peck 1
Groucho Marx 1
Groundhog Day 8
Guadalcanal 1
Guest Blogger 2
Guglielmo Marconi 1
Guiseppe Garibaldi 1
Gumby 1
Gundlach Bundschu Winery 1
guns 2
Gunsmoke 1
Gustave Whitehead 1
Gwen Lee 1
H Bedford-Jones 1
H. L. Hunley 1
Haight-Ashbury 1
Haiti 1
Half Moon Bay 28
Hall Brothers 1
Hall of Fame 2
Halloween 18
Halperin Brothers 1
Hangman 1
Hank Aaron 1
Hap Arnold 1
Hardeen 2
Harlem Hellfighters 1
Harold Geissenheimer 1
Harold Lloyd 8
Harold Pinter 1
Harper Lee 1
Harriet Quimby 1
Harry Blackstone 3
Harry Caray 1
Harry Carey Jr 1
Harry Faulkner Van der Weyden 1
Harry James 1
Harry Langdon 16
Harry Lundeberg 1
Harry Morgan 1
Harry Potter 1
Harry Sweets Edison 1
Harry Wills 1
Harvard [steamer] 8
Harvest Moon Winery 1
Harvey Kurtzman 1
Hatch Brothers 1
hats 6
Hawkman 1
Heald 3
Healdsburg 1
health care reform 1
Hearst 10
Hedy Lamarr 1
Hélène Dutrieu 1
Henri Dolbeau 1
Henri Salmet 1
Henry C Mustin 1
Henry Casebolt 1
Henry Field 1
Henry Ford 1
Henry James 1
Henry Van Der Weyde 7
herald 14
Herb Caen 7
Herb Jeffries 1
Herbert Jeffrey 1
Herbert Kelcey 1
Herbert Kitchener 1
Herrmann the Great 3
Hetch Hetchy 1
Hew Strachan 1
high speed rail 3
Highlanders 1
Highway One 3
Hillary Clinton 3
Hiller Aviation Museum 1
Hillsdale 1
Hispano-Suiza 2
historical marker 15
History Park 1
Hitchcock 12
holiday 92
Hollywood 21
Hollywood Walk of Fame 1
Holy Saturday 2
Home Run Baker 2
homeless 2
Honus Wagner 1
Hoosac Tunnell 1
Hoot Gibson 1
Horace Goldin 1
Horace Silver 1
horse car 8
horsecar 6
Houdini 7
Howard C Holmes 1
Howard Thurston 3
Howard Zinn 1
Hoyt Wilhelm 1
Hubert Le Blon 1
Huckleberry Finn 2
Huell Howser 1
Huey Newton 1
Hugh Masekela 1
Human Be-In 1
Humphrey Bogart 1
Hunter Pence 2
Hurricane Katrina 1
Hyde Street Pier 7
hydroaeroplane 4
Hyperloop 1
Illinois Traction 1
immigration 2
Imro Fox 1
Inauguration Day 1
Independence Day 11
Indianapolis 500 3
Inez Courtney 1
Ingmar Bergman 1
International Day of Laughter 1
International Jazz Day 1
interurbans 3
iPad 1
ipod 4
Iraq War 1
Ireland 1
Irish Bank 4
Irwin Corey 1
Isaac Bashevis Singer 1
Ishi 1
ital 1
Itala 1
Italy 10
Ivy Baldwin 1
Jack Benny 1
Jack Dempsey 3
Jack Duffy 1
Jack Johnson 1
Jack Kirby 2
Jack Klugman 1
Jack Lalane 1
Jack Lemmon 1
Jack London 3
Jack Wright 2
Jackie Robinson 1
Jacques Tati 2
Jaguar 2
Jaime Escalante 1
Jake Kilrain 1
Jake Peavy 2
James Arness 1
James C Mars 2
James Cotton 1
James Garfield 1
James J Corbett 1
James Madison 1
James Moody 1
James Norman Hall 1
Jane Russell 1
Janis Joplin 1
Janis Paige 1
Japanese Internment 1
Japantown 1
Jason Schmidt 1
Jasper Fforde 1
jazz 26
Jazz Crusaders 1
Jazzbeaux 2
JD Salinger 1
Jean Arthur 1
Jean Harlow 2
Jeanette MacDonald 3
Jeanie Macpherson 1
Jeannette W Van der Weyde 2
Jefferson Airplane 4
Jefferson Davis 1
Jeffrey Leonard 1
Jejune Institute 3
Jelly Roll Morton 2
Jerry Brown 2
Jerry Coleman 1
Jerry Flamm 1
Jerry Lewis 1
Jerry Siegel 1
Jersey Joe Walcott 1
Jesse L Lasky 1
Jesse Owens 1
Jim Carroll 1
Jim Davenport 1
Jim Thorpe 5
Jimmy Adams 2
Jimmy Doolittle 1
Jimmy Durante 1
Jimmy McPartland 1
Jimmy Parrott 1
Jimmy Scott 1
Joan Blondell 2
Joan Fontaine 2
Joan Leslie 1
Joaquin Miller 1
Jobyna Ralston 1
Joe 4
Joe Alioto 1
Joe Choynski 1
Joe Cocker 1
Joe Frazier 4
Joe Hill 1
Joe Hooker 1
Joe Kubert 1
Joe Louis 3
Joe McGinnity 1
Joe Palooka 1
Joe Pank 1
Joe Pass 1
Joe Sample 1
Joe Shuster 1
Joe Simon 1
Joe Tracy 1
Joe Venuti 1
Joe Zawinul 1
Joe's Cable Car 1
John A Macready 1
John Adams 1
John Barrymore 2
John Brown 1
John Bunny 3
John C Frémont 1
John D Spreckels 1
John F Kennedy 3
John Ford 2
John Garfield 1
John Glenn 3
John H Towers 1
John Held Jr 2
John J Pershing 3
John Kennedy Toole 1
John L Sullivan 1
John Lennon 4
John Lewis 1
John McCabe 1
John McGraw 7
John Moisant 1
John P Holland 1
John Philip Sousa 1
John Sedgewick 1
John Steinbeck 1
John Stephenson 1
John Updike 1
John Wayne 1
Johnny Cueto 1
Johnny Depp 1
Johnny Griffin 1
Johnny Otis 1
Johnstown 1
Jon Carroll 1
Jonathan Wainright 1
Jonathan Winters 1
Joseph Campbell 1
Joseph Conrad 1
Joseph Urban 1
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin 1
Juan Marichal 3
Juana Briones 2
Judy Garland 2
Judy Garland Blogathon 1
Julia Morgan 1
Julie Christie 1
June Haver 1
juneau 1
Junipero Serra 2
jury duty 1
Kalem 1
Kansas City Southern 1
Karen Black 1
Karl Benz 1
Kellar 6
Kelley Park 1
Ken Burns 1
Ken Kesey 1
Kentucky Derby 3
Ketchikan 1
Kevin Brownlow 1
Kevin Starr 1
Key System 8
Keystone 10
Killed the First Day of the Somme 5
Kim Jong-Il 1
King Kong 1
Kino 1
Kirk Douglas 1
Klondike Gold Rush 1
Knights of Labor 1
Knox 27
Korean War 7
Krazy Kat 1
Kurt Wintgens 1
L Frank Baum 16
labor 11
Labor Day 11
Lackawanna and Western Railroad 1
Lafayette Escadrille 4
Lagonda 2
Lake Pontchartrain Railroad 1
Land's End 13
Lansing 1
Larry Gelbart 1
Larry Semon 3
Laurel and Hardy 2
Lauren Bacall 1
Laurence Olivier 1
Lawrence Ferlinghetti 1
Lawrence Halprin 1
Lawrence Strike 1
Le Mans 1
Le Roy Talma and Bosco 2
Leah Garchick 1
Lefty O'Doul's 3
Lehigh Valley Railroad 1
Leila Hyams 3
Leland Stanford 1
Lena Horne 1
Lent 2
Leon Errol 1
Leon Russell 1
Leon Spinks 1
Leonard Cohen 1
Leonce Perret 1
Les Blank 1
Les Marco Belli 1
Leslie Nielsen 1
leuven 1
Lewis Armistead 1
Liberty Magazine 1
Libya 1
Life Magazine 6
Life on Mars 2
Lige Conley 1
lighthouse 1
Lillian Gish 3
Lillian Lorraine 1
Lillian Roth 1
Lilly Langtry 1
Lily Renee 1
Lincecum 24
Lincoln [Automobile] 1
Lincoln Beachey 6
Little Brown Church 2
Little Orphan Annie 1
Livy 1
llama 1
Lloyd Hamilton 2
locks 1
Locomobile 2
locomotive 9
Loening 1
logging 1
Lois Moran 1
Loma Prieta Earthquake 2
Lon Chaney 7
Lon Chaney blogathon 5
Lon Chaney Jr 2
Lon Simmons 1
Lone Ranger 2
Longshoreman's Hall 1
Lordy Rodriguez 6
Loretta Young 1
Los Angeles 8
Lotta Crabtree 1
Lottas Fountain 2
Lou Gehrig 1
Lou Reed 1
Louis Armstrong 2
Louis Feuillade 1
Louis Franchet d'Espèrey 1
Louis Victor 1
Louis Zamperini 1
Louise Fazenda 1
Louise M Davies 1
Louisville and Nashville Railroad 1
Louvain 3
Lu Watters 3
Luciano Pavarotti 1
Lucille Ball 1
Luis Bunuel 1
Luisa Tettrazini 2
Lurline Baths 1
Lusitania 5
Luther Burbank 1
lynching 1
Mabel Hite 1
Mabel Normand 10
Mack Sennett 8
macworld 1
Mad Magazine 6
Madge Evans 1
Madison Bumgarner 9
Madonna Inn 3
magic 58
Maiden Lane 1
Mal Sharpe 1
Maltese Falcon 2
Man Ray 1
Manufacturer and Builder Magazine 21
Marcello Mastroianni 1
Mardi Gras 6
Mare Island 3
Margaret Thatcher 1
Marian McPartland 1
Marie McDonald 1
Marilyn Miller 1
Marin 1
Mario Cuomo 1
Marion Davies 2
Mark Twain 4
Market Street Railway 7
Marmon 1
Mars 1
Martha Vickers 2
Marvin Benard 1
Marvin Gaye 1
Marx Brothers 3
Mary Anderson 1
Mary Brian 1
Mary Ellen Pleasant 1
Mary Martin 1
Mary Pickford 3
Maskelyne 1
Matilda Moisant 1
Matson Navigation Company 2
Matt Cain 7
Matt Duffy 1
Matt Williams 1
Matthew B Sellers 1
Matty Alou 1
Maurice Chevalier 4
Maurice Raymond 1
Maurice Sendak 1
Maurice White 1
Max Brand 1
Max Immelmann 1
Max Roach 1
Max Schmeling 2
May Day 7
Maya Angelou 1
Mazzetti's Bakery 5
Medal of Honor 6
Mel Ott 2
Melky Cabrera 3
Memorial Day 10
menko 1
mentalism 2
Mercury Program 1
Merle Haggard 1
Merry Pranksters 1
Mexico 19
MG 1
Mia Farrow 2
Michael Chabon 1
Michael Jackson 1
Michelangelo Antonioni 1
Mick LaSalle 1
Mickey Mouse 1
Mickey Rooney 1
Midwinter Fair 2
Mike Donlin 1
Mike Krukow 1
Mile Rock lighthouse 1
mission 2
Mission District 1
Mister Pickwick 1
MLK 12
Monadnock 2
Monica Bannister 1
monitor 3
Mono Lake 1
monorail 5
Montara 1
Monte Collins 1
Monte Irvin 4
Monterey 1
Monterey Pop 1
Monticello Steamship Company 6
Monty Wooley 1
moon 2
moon landing 2
Moose 2
Morton Street 1
Mose Allison 1
Moss Beach 1
Mother Jones 2
mothers' day 10
Motion Picture Studio and Trade Annual 1
Motown 1
Mount Tamalpais 2
movie theater 10
movies 100
msr 1
Muhammad Ali 4
muni 63
Muni Heritage Festival 5
mural 1
Muriel Finley 1
Musee Mecanique 3
Museum of Flight 7
music 15
musicals 1
mutoscope 5
Mutual 1
Myrna Loy 3
Nancy Carroll 1
Napa Valley Wine Train 1
Natalie Wood 1
Nate Leipzig 1
National Train Day 6
Native Sons of the Golden West 2
Navy 11
Navy Stories [pulp] 1
Neal Burns 2
Negro Leagues 3
Neil Armstrong 2
Nell Brinkley 2
Nelson Mandela 1
Nestor 1
Nevada 14
Nevada Short Line 1
Nevada State Railroad Museum 4
New Deal 2
New Orleans 31
New Orleans Rhythm Kings 1
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal 1
new year 20
New York 1
New York Central 2
New York to Paris Race 1
New Zealand 1
Newark Eagles 1
Newmann the Great 1
News of the Week 76
newspaper 6
newsreel 74
Nicholas J Vander Weyde 1
Nick Carter 4
Nick's 2
nickname 44
Nieuport 3
Nigel Bruce 1
Niles Canyon Railroad 1
nitrate film 5
Nonpareil Jack Dempsey 1
Norma Talmadge 1
Norman Corwin 1
Norman Mailer 1
Norman Rockwell 1
North Beach 4
North Coast County Fire Authority 4
North Pacific Coast 2
Northwestern Pacific 16
Norton Buffalo 1
Nuova Porziuncola 3
Nut Tree 4
O. Henry 1
Oakland 9
Oakland Antioch and Eastern 2
Obamacare 1
obsolete technology 11
occupy movement 5
Occupy Oakland 1
Occupy SF 7
Ocean Shore Railroad 16
octopus 1
Ogden Nash 1
Okeh Phonograph Corporation 4
Okito 2
Old Clam House 1
Old Mint 5
Old Sourdough 1
Oldsmobile 3
Oliver Hardy 2
Olivia De Havilland 3
Olympic Club 2
olympics 7
Once Upon a Time 6
opera 6
oracle 8
Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company 2
Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company 1
Original Dixieland Jass Band 1
Original Dixieland Jazz Band 1
Original Joe's 1
Orion 1
Orlando Cepeda 6
Ormer Locklear 3
Ornette Coleman 1
Orpheum 2
Orson Welles 1
Oscar Peterson 1
Osha 2
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 2
otr 18
Otto Messmer 1
Our Lady of Fatima 1
Outside Lands Festival 1
Over the Top 28
Overland Limited 3
Owen Smith 7
Oz Film Manufacturing Company 16
P H McCarthy 2
P-38 Lightning 1
P-39 Airacobra 1
P-51 Mustang 1
P-80 Shooting Star 1
Pablo Sandoval 6
Pacific Coast League 1
Pacific Coast Steamship Company 3
Pacific Electric 2
Pacific Heritage Museum 1
Pacific Mail Steamship Company 3
Pacific Navigation Company 6
Pacifica 120
Pacifica Historical Museum 2
Packard 3
Palace Hotel 6
Palm Sunday 5
Palo Alto 1
Pan Am Railways 1
Panama Canal 4
Panama-California Exposition 1
Panama-Pacific International Exposition 34
Pancho Villa 9
parade 1
Paramount 2
Paris 1
Parking Day 3
parkmobile 1
Parseval 2
Pasadena 1
Pathe 1
Pathé 1
Patricia Neal 1
Patrick McGoohan 1
Patton 2
Paul Kantner 1
Paul Kendall 1
Paul Revere 1
Peace Ship 1
Pearl Harbor Day 9
Pearl White 1
Peggy Shannon 3
Pentecost 2
Pescadero 2
Pete Rose 1
Pete Seeger 1
Peter Arno 1
Peter Cushing 5
Peter Cushing blogathon 5
Peter O'Toole 1
Peter Sellers 1
pge 2
PGT Beauregard 1
Phantom Detective 1
Phantom Lady 1
Phil Frank 1
Phil Harris 1
Phil Pepe 1
Phil Silvers 1
Philippines 1
Phillip Parmalee 1
Phillips W Page 1
phonoautograph 1
phonograph 19
photography 6
photophone 1
Photoplay 1
Phyllis Haver 2
Pier 39 4
Pierce-Arrow 1
Pike Place Market 1
Piper Aden Goodall & Co 1
pirate 3
plaque 1
playing tourist 2
Playland-at-the-Beach 4
Pluck and Luck 2
podcast 1
poetry 5
Point Richmond 1
Pony Express 3
Poodle Dog 1
Pope Benedict XVI 2
Pope Francis I 3
Pope John Paul II 1
Pope John XXIII 3
Port Costa 1
Port of San Francisco 3
Portola 1
Powell Street Promenade 2
Preparedness Day 1
Preservation Hall 1
Presidents' Day 9
Presidio 11
Prince 1
Prizmacolor 1
propaganda 1
PT Barnum 1
pulp 81
pumpkin 2
Q-FM 3
Quentin Roosevelt 1
Race Williams 2
racing car 44
racism 9
radio 26
ragtime 6
Railroad history 161
Railroad Stories [pulp] 1
rain 12
Ralph Branca 1
Ralph DePalma 3
Ransom E Olds 1
Raoul Walsh 1
Ravenswood Winery 2
Ray Bradbury 1
Ray Detrich 1
Ray Goulding 1
Ray Harryhausen 1
Raymond Burr Winery 1
Raymond Chandler 2
Raymonde de Laroche 1
Recreation Park 1
Red Skelton 1
Red's Java House 2
Regia Marina 1
Reims 1
Reminiscences of an Active Life 23
Reno 7
restaurant 26
Revolutionary War 3
Rheims 1
Rialto Building 1
Rich Aurilia 1
Richard Dix 1
Richard Gordon 2
Richard Harding Davis 2
Richard Nixon 1
Richmond District 2
Rincon Hill 2
Ringling Brothers 1
Ringo Starr 1
Rio de Janeiro 1
RIP 40
Rita Hayworth 1
riverboat 1
Roald Amundsen 2
Robert Burns 1
Robert E Lee 4
Robert Falcon Scott 1
Robert Heller 1
Robert K Massie 1
Robert Louis Stevenson 1
Robert Peary 1
Robert Redford 1
Robert Woodward 1
Robert-Houdin 1
Rock Island 2
rock'n'roll 3
Rockaway Beach 5
Rocky Marciano 1
Rod Beck 1
Rogert Ebert 1
Rogier van der Weyden 2
Rolls Royce 5
Roman Missal 1
Rome 2
Ronald Howard 1
Ronald Reagan 2
Roof Rides 1
Roscoe Arbuckle 4
Rose Bowl 1
Roy Knabenshue 1
Roy Rogers 3
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a 1
Rube Goldberg 3
Rube Marquard 1
Rudi Blesh 1
Rufus Thomas 1
Rumpler Flugzeugwerke 1
Russian River 1
Ruth Asawa 3
Ruth Elder 1
Ruth Etting 1
Ruth Hall 1
Ruth Law 1
Ruxton 1
Ryan Vogelsong 3
Sacramento 14
Sacramento Northern 4
Sailors' Union of the Pacific 2
Saint Anthony-Immaculate Conception 2
Saint Francis of Assisi 10
Saint Igantius 6
Saint Joseph's Day 8
Saint Louis Cardinals 2
Saint Monicas 7
Saint Patrick's Day 11
Saint Peter's Pacifica 1
Saint Valentine's Day 10
Sales Force Tower 2
Sally Heller 1
Sally Phipps 1
Salt Lake Route 1
Sam Lanin 1
Sam Spade 5
samtrans 22
Samuel F Cody 2
Samuel Goldwyn 1
Samuel Langley 1
San Bruno 2
San Bruno Fire Department 2
San Carlos 1
San Francisco and San Jose Railroad 2
San Francisco Call 4
San Francisco history 283
San Francisco History Expo 6
San Francisco International Auto Show 16
San Francisco Model Yacht Club 1
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 1
San Francisco State University 7
San Gregorio 1
San Juan Bautista 4
San Luis Obispo 7
San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum 3
San Mateo County Fair 1
San Pedro Valley Park 1
San Rafael 1
Sandman 1
Santa Fe Railroad 8
Santa Rosa 3
Sarah Palin 1
Saul Bellow 1
Sausalito 1
Schell-Vista Volunteer Fire Department 1
Schroeders 1
Scott Carpenter 1
Scott Joplin 5
scramjet 1
sculpture 22
Seabiscuit 5
seagull 1
Seals 5
Seamus Heaney 2
Seattle 24
Second World War 5
Secret Agent X 1
Secret San Francisco 1
See's 2
Selig Polyscope 7
Sells-Floto Circus 1
Señorita Rio 1
Sergio Romo 5
serials 9
Servais Le Roy 2
Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos 1
Sgt Rock 1
Shadow 5
Shakespeare 3
shanghai 1
Shanty Hogan 1
Sharon Jones 1
Shawn Estes 1
Shekla 1
Sheldon Leonard 1
Shepard Fairey 1
Sherlock Holmes 30
Sherman Clay 1
Sherwood Anderson 1
Shield 1
ships 51
Shirley MacLaine 1
Shirley Temple 1
Sholem Aleichem 1
sidewalk art 2
Sidney Bechet 1
Sidney Lumet 1
Sidney Poitier 1
Siemans 1
Siemens 1
Siems 1
Signor Blitz 1
signs 48
Silas Christofferson 1
silent movies 74
Sir Thomas Lipton 3
six degrees of separation 3
Skagway 3
Skunk Train 4
slapstick 65
slavery 1
SMS Leipzig 1
snake 2
Snub Pollard 2
social justice 4
Solar Impulse 1
solar power 1
Solidarity 1
Soma 1
Sonoma 9
Sonoma County Fair 1
Sonora Phonograph 1
Sophia Loren 1
Sopwith 3
soul 1
sound recording 1
South Park 2
South Pole 1
Southern Pacific 43
Southwest Airlines 1
space exploration 2
space shuttle 2
Spamalot 1
Spanish-American War 5
Sparky Watts 1
speaking 8
Spectre 1
Spicy Adventure 1
Spicy Detective 1
Spicy Mystery 1
Spicy Western 1
Spider 2
Spotsylvania Court House 1
Spreckels 1
spring 5
Spring Mobilization against the War in Vietnam 3
Spy Smasher 2
SS Arabic 1
Stamp Act of 1767 1
Stan Laurel 2
Stan Lee 1
Stan Musial 1
Standard Aircraft Corporation 1
stanford 12
Stanley Steamer 1
Stanton Delaplane 1
State Fair 1
statue 19
Steve Jobs 1
Stewart Brand 1
Stockton Tunnel 1
storm 48
Strangerhood 6
streamline moderne 2
Street and Smith Sampler 1
strike 1
Stu Miller 1
Stutz 2
submarine 10
Sue Carol 1
Suicide Squad 1
Summer of Love 3
Sun Ra 1
Sunny Jim Rolph 4
Sunset Limited 1
Super Bowl 5
Superman 6
Supermarine Spitfire 1
Sutro Baths 6
Sutter Street Railway 1
Swashathon 1
Sydney Chaplin 1
taking a break 3
Tanforan 8
tanks 1
tapeworm 2
Taube 1
tax 1
tcm 2
tea baggers 1
tea party 2
technophobia 2
telephone 3
Tennessee Williams 1
Tennyson 1
Terry Moore 1
Tex Beneke 1
Texas Alexander 1
Thanksgiving 12
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test 1
The Family 1
The Fatal Glass of Beer 1
The Pneumatic Rolling-Sphere Carrier Delusion 6
The Prisoner 1
theater 4
Thelma Todd 2
Thelma White 1
Thelonious Monk 1
Theodore Roosevelt 6
Thin Man 2
Thomas Flyer 3
Thomas H Ince 1
Thomas Jefferson 1
Thomas-Morse 1
Three Stooges 3
Thursday Next 1
THX 1138 1
Tim Hudson 1
Timely 1
Timothy Pflueger 3
Tina Turner 1
Tip Top Weekly 1
Tippi Hedren 1
Titanic 5
Tito Falconi 1
Tom Baldwin 1
Tom Benoist 1
Tom Lantos 1
Tom Mix 17
Tom Mooney 1
Tom Wolfe 1
Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches 1
Tommys Mexican Restaurant 1
Tony Gwynn 1
Tournament of Roses Parade 1
Tracy Arm Fjord 1
train ad 44
train station 75
Transamerica Pyramid 1
Transbay Terminal 4
transit 103
Travis Jackson 2
Treasures 2
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory 1
triplane 2
Trips Festival 1
Truett-Hurst Winery 1
Try It You’ll Like It! Blogathon 1
tsunami 1
Turk Murphy 3
Turner Classic Movies 2
Two-Fisted Tales 1
Ub Iwerks 1
Ulysses S Grant 2
Umberto Eco 1
Underground Railroad 1
union 3
Union Army Appreciation Month 1
Union City 1
Union Iron Works 3
Union Labor Party 1
Union Pacific 11
Union Square 5
United Railroads of San Francisco 1
Universal 5
US Army Corps of Engineers 1
US Open 2
USRC Bear 2
USRC McCulloch 1
USRC Rush 1
USS Arizona 1
USS California 1
USS Constitution 1
USS Enterprise 1
USS Hornet 1
USS Independence 1
USS Nevada 1
USS New York 1
USS North Carolina 1
USS Oklahoma 2
USS Olympia 1
USS Oregon 3
USS Pennsylvania 3
USS Portsmouth 1
USS San Francisco 3
USS Virginia 1
USS Wasp 1
USS West Virginia 1
USS Wisconsin 1
Václav Havel 1
Vallejo 2
vandalism 1
Vande Ludvik 1
Vanderweyde 68
Vatican II 3
vaudeville 34
Vault of Horror 2
Vellum Wines 1
Velvet Underground 1
Vera Steadman 1
Vernon Alley 1
Vertigo 2
Veterans Day 10
Vicksburg 1
Victor Champman 1
Victor Hugo 1
Victor Talking Machine Company 3
Victoria 1
Victrola 3
Vietnam War 4
vigilantes 1
Vim 1
Vin Scully 1
Vincent Price 1
Virgil Exner 3
Virginia and Truckee 8
Virginia City 5
Virginia Mayo 1
Vitagraph 5
Vivien Leigh 1
Voting Rights Act 1
W. A. Coulter 70
Wabash 1
Wachovia 1
walking tour 11
Wall of Fame 19
Wallace Reid 1
Wallace the Untamable Lion 2
Walt Disney 5
Walter Brookins 1
Walter Christie 1
Walter Kerr 1
Walter Rice 1
Walter T Varney 1
Walter Wellman 1
Wapama 1
war 7
War of 1812 3
Warm Springs Dam 2
Warner Baxter 3
Warner Brothers 1
Warren Billings 1
Warren Hellmann 1
Warriors 2
Watchmen 1
water wars 1
Wax Museum 5
WC Fields 6
wedding 3
Wells Fargo 12
West [Texas]1
West Bay Model Railroad Association 1
Western Neighborhoods Project 5
Western Pacific 3
Western Railway Museum 3
westerns 20
Westlake Joe's 3
whales 1
whaling 1
what is this 2
What's Up Doc 1
Whipple S Hall 1
Whisperer [pulp] 1
White Motor Car 2
White Pass and Yukon 2
White Zombie 1
Whiz Comics 1
why 13
Wicked 1
Wide Awake Library 1
Wilbur Wright 1
Will Rogers 2
Will Streets 1
Willaim Wellman 1
William Beaudine 1
William F Cody 1
William Faulkner 1
William Gaines 1
William Gillette 7
William H Seward 1
William Leidesdorff 1
William Manley Vander Weyde 7
William Powell 2
William S Hart 1
William Taft 1
Willie Howard 1
Willie Mac Award 2
Willie Mays 17
Willie McCovey 12
Willis K Polk 1
Willits 1
windmill 2
Wings 1
Winston Churchill 2
Winter Walk SF 1
Winton 1
With the Allies 1
Wizard of Oz 19
WN Hodgson 1
WO Bentley 1
Woodrow Wilson 3
Woodward's Garden 1
Woody Allen 1
Woody Guthrie 1
Woody Herman 1
World Baseball Classic 3
World Cup 1
World Series 2010 7
World Series 2012 7
World Series 2013 3
World Series 2016 2
Worst of Hollywood 1
Wright Brothers 4
WW1 191
WW2 15
WWI 187
X-51a Waverider 1
yakyu 2
Yale [steamer] 9
Yerba Buena Gardens 12
Yogi Berra 1
Yosemite 3
Yusmiero Petit 1
Zatara 1
Zeitgeist 3
Zeppelin 12
Ziegfeld Follies 6
zombie 1
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