Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Coca-Cola -- Every Little Movement Means More Thirst -- June 15, 2021


Imperial Valley Press, 17-June-1921

Two Coca-Cola ads to enjoy as we move towards the summer. The gentleman above seems to be working up a sweat starting his automobile with a hand crank. I like the checked trousers on the gentleman below. 

New York Evening World, 28-June-1921

Monday, June 14, 2021

California Republic Proclaimed 175 -- June 14, 2021

June 14 is Flag Day and it is also the 175th anniversary of the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt, in Sonoma, where foreigners, mostly American and some Californios, led by William B Ide rose up against the Mexican government of California and declared a California Republic. Some time around this date, William L Todd, nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln, created the original Bear Flag, which the rebels raised on a flagpole in the Sonoma Plaza on 15-June-1846. 

The California Republic faded away when the rebels learned that the United States had declared war on Mexico in June. The original Bear Flag burned in the 1906 Earthquake and Fire in San Francisco. The California state flag is based on the Bear Flag.

I took the photo of the second Bear Flag monument in Sonoma Plaza on 08-April-2010. I have not been able to find the name of the sculptor.

Flag Day 2021 -- June 14, 2021



Happy Flag Day, everyone. 

Here we see Captain Marvel leading the Marines ashore in an amphibious assault on a South Pacific island. He proudly carries a really big flag. 

Captain Marvel, the Big Red Cheese, made his debut in Whiz Comics #2, published by Fawcett. Fawcett had earlier published the humor magazine Captain Billy's Whiz Bang. The Captain was Billy Batson, a boy who worked for radio station WHIZ. An ancient wizard gave him the ability to become adult Captain Marvel by saying the word "SHAZAM." Captain Marvel, often drawn by CC Beck, was Superman's greatest competitor until National Periodicals (DC) won a lawsuit alleging that Captain Marvel infringed on Superman's copyright. At the same time, most superhero titles were dead or declining. DC revived Captain Marvel in the 1970s.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Pulp -- Doc Savage -- June 13, 2021



Tomorrow is Flag Day, so I thought I would post the cover of the July, 1942 issue of Doc Savage.

Doc Savage was a pulp character who debuted in 1933. Doctor Clark Savage, Jr was a many of many talents, mental and physical. He gathered a team of aides including Monk, Ham, Johnny, Renny and Long Tom. Each had his own unique talents. His cousin Patricia turned up in many stories. Doc and his team had many adventures fighting evil around the world. Lester Dent created the characters and wrote many of the novels.

I first got to know Doc Savage from reprints that Bantam Books did in the 1970s. I often spent what little money I had at Canterbury Corner on Geary or Green Apple Books on Clement buying copies.

George Pal produced a bad movie in 1975. I saw a still in Famous Monsters of Filmland and immediately knew that they had done a poor job with Doc's aides. I went to see it anyway.

DC did some comic books in the 1980s.

I never heard the NPR recreation of the radio show.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Is This Aviator Hoaxing Nation By His Secrecy? -- June 11, 2021


Detroit Times, 29-December-1909

Walter Tillinghast claimed to have built and flown a flying machine. I think he was stretching the truth.


New Englanders Think Wallace E.
Tillinghast, Expert Mechanical
Engineer, Has Wonderful Air ship -- Flights Concealed.

Young Inventor Says He Has Gone
Faster Than 120 Miles an Hour
In His Strange Craft.

(Editor's Note -- Either Wallace K. Tillinghast, the Worcester, Mass., inventor, has made the greatest airship in the world or he is a great hoaxer. The strange moving lights seen by thousands of persons in New England were made by his airship, Tillinghast says. Yet he is unwilling to exhibit it by daylight, and has given only flimsy excuses for his secrecy. Why does Tillinghast hesitate to show his invention to the public? And why did he suppress news of his great test if, as he says, he really flew from Boston to New York in less than five hours? Whether Tillinghast is a joker or not, he's an interesting chap, and our Worchester correspondent has written the following story giving some new facts about him and his machine.)

WORCESTER, Mass., Dec. 29. -- The claims made for his new airship by inventor Wallace E. Tillinghast are no more startling than the airship's design. There Isn't an airship anywhere like it.

"I can fly as no one has ever flown before," he said to The Times correspondent here. "My airship will make 120 miles an hour. It can be stopped in midair, and is as safe -- even safer -- than an auto. When I get good and ready I will show it to the world."

The fact that not once, but several times, people in a dozen cities have seen strange moving lights in the sky, seems to bear out what Tillinghast says. But even his closest friends do not know why he has kept hisu wonderful invention such a secret.

Who Is Tillinghast? Does his record indicate that he would perpetrate a hoax on the world of aeronautics?

Decidedly it does not. He is a Chicago "Tech" school graduate, an expert mechanical and electrical engineer. He has seen service with the Northern Pacific railroad, the Westinghouse concern and Allen & Redd of Providence. While at the last named place Tillinghast invented a heat regulator for steam and hot water systems, which is making him a fortune. He patented it and manufactures it at a good-sized factory here. In all his previous inventions and work he has had no secrets. Why does he shelter his aeroplane so cunningly?

The one remarkable feature about the machine is the way it keeps itself right side up in any kind of a wind. It has two giant "feelers" like an insect’s antennae. These are of rigid frames of steel, 33 feet long, and at the end of each is a box kite. No matter how the wind blows, these kites right themselves and the machine to which they are attached. They can be raised or lowered. When there is no opposing wind, they are lifted to an angle of 43 degrees.

"If I am taking night flights over Boston and New England that’s my business." said Tillinghast. "I will not say that I am or that I am not. I have gone faster than 120 miles an hour. I can go faster again. I have had this machine perfected long enough to take more than 150 flights. And where some of those flights took me will surprise a lot of people when I get ready to talk."

One of the wonderful features of the machine is its car. Bleriot and Latham have their seats above the rigid spread of wings. Tillinghast sits below his plane, in a little cubbyhole protected by an automobile windshield. Inside is his wonderful engine. He has made application to patent it, he says. It is lighter than that of the Wright brothers and far more powerful. It generates enough electricity for his front searchlight and a red tail-light which will serve to warn aviators of the future, who may be on his trail, of the peril of collision.

That his claims are well-founded -- well, you don't know what to believe. There is an airship. That's sure. Thousands have seen it. Here in New England they believe in Tillinghast.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Jack Johnson Killed in Auto Crash, 75 Years -- June 10, 2021


Dayton Daily Bulletin, 10-June-1921

Jack Johnson was one of the greatest heavyweight champions. Racists hated that he was African-American, and that he regularly defeated white boxers. Some people believe that the fight where he lost the title in 1915 might have been fixed.

I was tweeting with a friend recently and we decided that Jack Johnson vs George Foreman would have been a heck of a fight.

75 years ago today, on 10-June-1946, Jack Johnson died in an automobile accident.

The Dayton Daily Bulletin was an African-American owned newspaper.


RALEIGH, N. C., June 11.— Jack Johnson, the first Negro ever to become heavyweight boxing champion of the world, died at St. Agnes hospital here today following an automobile accident early this afternoon near Franklinton.

Dr. W. D. Allison said that Johnson, who was 68 years old, died of internal injuries and shock.

Fred L. Scott, a Negro companion said he was accompanying the former champion to New York from Texas, where Johnson recently had concluded a personal appearance tour.

As the heavy automobile approached the city limits of Franklinton, about 20 miles north of Raleigh on highway U. S. No. 1, Scott said Johnson apparently lost control of the car on a curve. The car went off the road and crashed into a telephone pole, hitting on the left side where Johnson was sitting.

Johnson won the heavyweight championship in 1908 at Sidney, Australia, when he scored a technical knockout over Tommy Burns of Canada in the fourteenth round. The Galveston, Tex., native who was christened John Arthur Johnson, thus become the first Negro heavyweight champion in history.

After holding the title for seven years, during which he defended his crown against many challengers including former champion Jim Jeffries, Johnson was defeated by Jess Willard in Havana, April 15, 1915.

Tacoma Times, 04-July-1912

Jack Johnson fought Fireman Jim Flynn for the second time on 04-July-1912 in Las Vegas, New Mexico, earning a TKO in the 9th. Fireman Jim's later claim to fame is that he was the only boxer who ever knocked out Jack Dempsey.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Toonerville Trolley -- The Skipper is Too Good a Fisherman -- June 9, 2021


Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger, 16-May-1921

I love Fontaine Fox's The Toonerville Trolley That Meets All the Trains.

Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger, 05-April-1921