Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KFRC -- October 29, 2008

KFRC has really been gone for a while -- it moved away from 610 AM in 2005, iirc -- and I haven't listened to it much for many years, but I was sad to hear that call letters disappeared Monday morning. I listened to KFRC a lot when I was in grammar school and the first couple of years of high school. Disco drove me away.

KFRC started broadcasting on 24-September-1924 as the official station of the San Francisco Bulletin. I remember when they celebrated their 50th anniversary. After the Bulletin, the station was owned by the City of Paris, then became the foundation of the Don Lee Network. It was the home of the famous "Blue Monday Jamboree".

The Phillies and Tampa have finished game five after a two-day rain delay. Philadelphia won.

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DavidFerrellJackson said...


The Bay Area Radio Museum has kept the history of KFRC alive at, where we've got recordings, stories and photos archived from one of the nation's greatest stations.

For those of us who preferred KFRC's competitor -- 1260/KYA -- the museum streams the greatest hits (or what some people call Oldies) from the 1950s and 1960s at

If you ain't a fan of KFRC or KYA, we've got amazing stuff from KSFO, KSAN, KNBR, KGO, KEWB and dozens of other great Bay Area stations, too!

David Jackson
Bay Area Radio Museum