Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good Shepherd School 40th Anniversary -- October 5, 2008

Today at 12 noon mass we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Good Shepherd School and the memory of Father Jerry Dybdul. My wife organized the mass. She got very stressed, but it came out well. The readers, including my daughter, did a good job. The bit where kids brought up symbols of the school was nice. The singers were very good. I've always liked the guy who plays the flugelhorn. Unfortunately, the chimes fell to the floor during communion. My wife thought it may have been Father Jerry expressing his disapproval of a few details. I said it's nice he still takes an interest ;0)

After mass, we processed down to the school, where Father Piers and Deacon Ben blessed a new garden dedicated to Father Jerry and his parents. He donated the statue just before he died.

There was a reception in the gym with old school pictures and yearbooks. Two good cakes. Boards set up by different classes to say what they liked about the school.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was playing when we went to my mom's house, but I couldn't hear the music.

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