Monday, October 13, 2008

Book: The War with Hannibal -- October 13, 2008

I finished reading the Penguin edition of Livy's The History of Rome from Its Foundation, Books XXI-XXX, which covers the Second Punic War. The only works of Titus Livius that I had read before were books I-V, which covered the history of Rome from its foundation to the sack by the Gauls. I noticed many differences in Roman customs. I don't remember a mention of sacrifices with "full grown victims" in I-V. I don't remember the practice of strewing the couches of the gods.
It's not Livy's fault, but there were far too many guys named Hasdrubal.
There has been a big fire on Angel Island. No historic buildings destroyed.


Anonymous said...

What version of the the Penguin classics book is that? The cover showing the Elephant?


Joe Thompson said...

Hi Raven. My copy is buried in the closet. The edition must be 5-10 years old. I don't remember whether I bought it new or used.