Thursday, January 31, 2008

KLSI 89.3 FM #3 - January 31, 2008

I wrote about KLSI in back in August and October. KLSI Moss Beach is or was associated with two other stations, WAZQ in Key West, Florida and KAQQ in Midland, Texas. There have been some developments.
The music has shifted more toward contemporary songs and away from oldies.
In November someone commented that KAQQ had become a Christian station, KLPN.
Also in November, a public radio station in Marin interfered with it almost every day.
At some point, the announcement changed from "KLSI Moss Beach" to "KLSI Moss Beach, San Francisco." I have found so far that I can only get the station while driving along the Great Highway in San Francisco. I guess that counts.
During the big storm in January and for a while after, the station may have been off the air.
I noticed recently that the music sometimes stops then starts again. My wife said it sounds like streaming audio. That may be how they are distributing the broadcast from Florida.
I have heard more commercials, all for Key West businesses.
Speaking of storms, we had violent rain this afternoon. I got soaked coming home.


Jay in Pacifica said...

I think that this station could be an asset to the coast. Broadcasting high school sports, city council meetings and other local programming. I think a Grateful Dead or metal show would work nicely.

Joe Thompson said...

It would be nice to have a community radio station. I get tired of Florida weather reports.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Anonymous said...

KLSI on 89.3 transmits a whopping 8 Watts vertical, and 1 watt horizontal. Bummer, and the main lobe is pointed at The Farallons. The radio tx site on North Peak was off the air from Saturday (3-14-09) till Tuesday (3-17-09)due to water in the power distribution panel. OOPS!! Had to replace 20 toasted breakers. Got it back up by 1530-ish. BTW, the LARGE mountain south and visible from great hwy is the location @ 1800+ ft. The low power is to protect others on same channel. As a comparison, star 101.3 on bruno runs 125,000 watts!! Happy listening from Mike in Linda Mar

Joe Thompson said...

Mike: Thanks for the details. 8 whole watts...

Joe Thompson ;0)