Friday, January 25, 2008

Big Storm #2 -- January 25, 2008

Yesterday I noticed that samTrans had put up a new bus shelter. Years ago the old shelter was single width. Then they expanded it to double width. The new shelter is single width, and has no bench. That will be hard on a few commuters and lots of high school kids who hang out in the afternoon.
Also yesterday, when the bus home dove down the hill and took the Manor exit, we noticed that the McDonalds had been torn down.
It has rained all day today. At lunch time, I went downstairs to look. It was coming down hard.
My wife called in the afternoon and said someone had mentioned that there was flooding on Linda Mar Boulevard near the Park and Ride.
I took the first bus home, which goes on 101, and it was a slow ride. When we got to Crespi, we saw many cars heading towards the beach. The driver stopped at Linda Mar and De Solo and said "It's flooded." We got off and walked to the Park and Ride lot. There were saw horses blocking westbound Linda Mar at De Solo and a police car parked at the first turn into the shopping center. Traffic was allowed eastbound, but there was a big puddle at the main driveway from the shopping center. I got into the car and went to pull out, and found that a bunch of cars had run around the saw horses. I'm not sure if the police were getting ready to open the road.
I drove home slowly. The lights have flickered, but have stayed on so far.
I took this photo on 05-January-2008 at Palmetto and Carmel. Today I didn't want to get my camera wet.

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