Friday, January 4, 2008

Big Storm -- January 4, 2008

I was worried yesterday morning when KCBS said the Coast Guard had cancelled all leaves because of the series of approaching storms.
It rained yesterday, but it wasn't strong. I took this photo at the park and ride, showing the clearing sky over San Pedro Mountain.
We heard the wind blowing and rain falling all night. The power went out when I got to the bottom of the stairs in the morning, but came right back on. When I left the house, I misjudged my jump and didn't get across the big puddle near the driveway. I drove slowly to the beach, avoiding fallen branches.
When I got to the park and ride lot, I leaned against the wind and walked to the shelter, looking forward to getting inside. First I noticed that the two windows on the landward side had blown out. Then I noticed that the translucent roof on the ocean side was on the floor of the shelter, upside-down and shattered. I picked past it and stood in the rain, waiting for the bus. Then I noticed that the metal frame of the shelter was rocking back and forth in the wind. I thought about getting out of there, but our DX driver took pity and pulled up to let me on.
It was a long, slow trip into the city. The power went off again before the bus pulled out, but came on again right away. The power was off again by the time we got to Vallemar. I got a call from a member of the team who wanted to work from home. Another guy in Elk Grove didn't have power till 1pm.
The school where my wife teaches was closed. She and my daughter got home and found a leak upstairs. The management company sent someone to look. Some shingles had blown off the roof.
The wind and rain died down after noon.

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