Saturday, September 17, 2011

DVD: Adventures of Captain Marvel -- September 17, 2011

Today I finished watching a DVD of Republic's 12-chapter Adventures of Captain Marvel.  Tom Tyler resembled the original lean Captain Marvel rather than the later Big Red Cheese.  As with most mystery serials, I could not tell apart most of the suspects, and I have no idea which one was revealed to be the mysterious Scorpion.  I felt bad for the Scorpion, who had to run around holding up the front of his robe so he wouldn't trip.

When Billy Batson turned into Captain Marvel, it was interesting to see how Captain Marvel was curious about his powers.  He smiled while walking towards hoodlums who were emptying their guns at him.  He threw one villain off the roof of a garage.  When he broke bonds or smashed doors, he looked happy.

I had seen the Lydecker Brothers' flying effects in the Rocket Man serials, but this serial contains their origin.  Knowing that most of them used a dummy, it was possible to see the difference in its features, but the leaps and falls made everything believable.

I was confused about the part of the world in which this was supposed to be taking place.  At first, based on the tomb, I thought it might be Egypt.  Later, it seemed more like Afghanistan, except that the locals, led by Rahman Bar, were not Muslims.  They worshiped a scorpion deity and a volcano.  I liked Rahman Bar.  He blew up all sorts of things and at the end (SPOILER), killed the Scorpion.

I can see why this is considered one of the best serials next.  Next up:  The Miracle Rider with Tom Mix.

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