Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giants Wall of Fame #18 -- September 28, 2011

In September, 2008 the Giants unveiled their Wall of Fame along the King Street side of the ballpark, whatever it is called this week. This plaque was added on 27-August-2011 to honor right-handed pitcher Jason Schmidt.  Schmidt was one of the Giants' best pitchers from 2001-2006.  His teammates called him Shrek.

The Giants lost their last game today.  The weather was warm.  They finished the season at 86-76, in second place.  They would have done better if they could have kept Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Sergio Romo and many others healthy.  It would have been nice if they could have hit more to support their excellent pitchers.  Pat Burrell has probably played his last game for the Giants.  I don't know if Carlos Beltran will be back.

We were only able to get tickets for two games.  It should be easier to buy tickets next season.


ScottA said...

Hi, just wondering if you got a picture of Marvin Benard's plaque, too? He was also added to the Giants' Wall of Fame this year. :-)

Joe Thompson said...

Scott: Marvin Benard's photo is coming next month. Sadly, the plaque doesn't capture his messy batting helmet.

ScottA said...

Thanks for posting your pictures of the Giants' plaques! I've looked all over the internet for photos... since I've only been to the stadium a couple of times, before they created the Wall of Fame... and you have the best pics anywhere. I read your blog, now, too!

Joe Thompson said...

Scott: Thanks for the kind words. I'll publish some more photos from the park in coming months to keep the off-season tolerable.