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Aviator To Make Debut In Fresno -- September 7, 2011

This article from, the 24-April-1910 San Francisco Call, talks about aviator Whipple S Hall. Hall was injured in a crash about a year later (I'm looking for the article) and became an aviation promoter. I found it interesting that he is described as the heaviest man to fly. Charles K Hamilton was an early aviator who died in 1914, but from illness rather than a plane crash.


Whipple S. Hall Will Show His Skill as Birdman With Hamilton Machine

[Special Dispatch to The Call]

FRESNO, April 23.— Whipple S. Hall, son of Judge Hall of the district appellate court, who is to make his debut as a professional aviator in Fresno April 30, has been a student of Charles K. Hamilton for the last four years. For four months he has been almost continually with Hamilton and during that time he learned to drive an airship.

When Hall purchased his machine he made a few trial flights near Tacoma and then brought it to Mendota, where he has made many successful flights. This aviator weighs more than 200 pounds and has the distinction of being the heaviest man who ever rode in an airship.

After his performance in Fresno he will leave for San Jose, where he is scheduled to fly at the rose carnival. Hall intends to follow aerial navigation as a profession and takes a keen delight in the sport.

"It beats automobillng all to death," he declared recently, in speaking of his

"Until the aeroplane is automatically balanced it will never be a conveyance of common use," declared Hall. "For some time I believe it will be used only for sport by young men who enjoy taking risks."

Hall is enthusiastic about his work and his machine and shows no hesitation in talking about it. He is particularly gratified because of the success he has had thus far in the heat fields near Mendota and believes that he has mastered enough of the art of aerial navigation to be able to give a good public exhibition. He will make experimental flights daily until April 30.

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