Saturday, October 2, 2010

Giants Bad Day -- October 2, 2010

We went to see the Giants play the Padres today. The Giants' magic number has been 1 since Thursday night. Yesterday the Padres won. Today Barry Zito started and didn't have it.

We parked at Fifth and Mission and walked down Third to the park. We watched the Padres take batting practice. It was warm and sunny. Zito gave up three runs in the first.

After the game, we took Muni Metro to Powell Street. We wandered around a bit, then went to Saint Patricks for 5:15 mass. We had dinner at Guerrero's in Pacifica.

Today I took a photograph of the retired numbers of pitcher Christy Mathewson, manager John McGraw, and first baseman Bill Terry. Mathewson and McGraw played before players wore numbers.

Update 03-Octoboer-2010: I forgot to mention that we had club-level seats. I enjoyed looking at the little museum behind the home plate area. It was nice to have a little more room in the seats.

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