Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alley #12 -- October 7, 2010

Looking up Ambrose Bierce, formerly Aldrich, Alley. On the left is the former Call Building. Bierce wrote for the San Francisco Call. Visible at the end of the alley are the California Historical Society and the Jukebox Marriott.

Bierce served with distinction in the Civil War. He worked for many years as a journalist. He wrote short stories, many influenced by his terrible experiences in the war, but my favorite work is his Devil's Dictionary, a collection of cynical definitions. In late 1913, he went to Mexico, which was torn by a revolution, and eventually disappeared. No one has been able to determine what happened to him.

The Blue Angels were practicing this afternoon.

The Giants won the first game of the playoff against Atlanta 1-0. Lincecum pitched a wonderful game. Posey stole a base and hit a triple.

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