Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fear the Beard -- October 19, 2010

The Giants played their first home game in the National League Championship series. There were lots of people wearing orange and black. I took a half day from work and caught an F car to Fisherman's Wharf. I went over to Bay and Taylor to take some photos. I found car 28 with its windows painted with various exhortations. I went to Hyde and Beach and took some more photos. I found the Maritime Museum open, but only the first floor. I didn't remember how beautiful the WPA murals were. I had a nice chat about them with the Ranger. I went down to the Argonaut to use the restroom and see the end of the first inning. No score.

I went to the Hyde Street Pier and took some photos. It's sad to look at the CA Thayer without masts, but it is interesting to see the lines of her hull more clearly.

At 3pm, I got interviewed about ferries. That was fun.

I took an F car back. The Giants were ahead 3-0. They won before I got to BART.

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