Saturday, September 27, 2008

Model T 100 -- September 27, 2008

On 27-September-2008, the Ford Motor Company started manufacturing the Model T. It made a big difference to America and the world. Many of my relative learned to drive on Model Ts.
Last night Bengie Molina won the Willie Mac award for the second consecutive year. Then the Giants beat the Dodgers after a remarkable delay. Molina hit the ball off the top of the wall in right field and ran to first. Burriss came in to run for him. Then the Giants appealed. The umpires checked the new instant reply and looked at the ball with green paint from the roof on the wall and declared a home run. Burriss ran the bases. The Giants appealed because they would rather have kept Molina in the game.
Today JT Snow got to put on the uniform and go to first base at the start of the game. Now he can retire as a Giant.
Yesterday Senators Obama and McCain debated. I wasn't impressed by either one of them.
And Paul Newman died. He was good.

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