Monday, September 29, 2008

Giants 2008 -- September 29, 2008

The Giants finished their season yesterday at 72-90 as Tim Lincecum defeated the Dodgers 3-1. He's a valid candidate for the Cy Young award.

They won only one more game than last year, but they were a lot more exciting. Lincecum did well. Bengie Molina was fun. The young players who came up, especially Pablo Sandoval, were always interesting. I have more hope for next season, if only they could find a power hitter. Peter Magowan turned the keys over to the new owner.
I took the photo of the new statue of Orlando Cepeda, on King near Second Street, on 16-September-2008.

Congress failed to pass a bailout today and the market closed 777 down. A record.
Update 01-October-2008: I forgot to mention that Omar Vizquel probably played his last game for the Giants on Sunday. He is either the best shortstop I have seen in person or right there next to Ozzie Smith.

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