Thursday, June 5, 2008

Firehouse #8 -- June 5, 2008

Another view of company 34, in the triangle between Geary Boulevard and Point Lobos Boulevard near 41st Avenue. The mural depicts the phoenix in the fire department logo. I took this photo on 09-February-2008.
Things I forgot to mention:
- Matthew Bruccoli died. I enjoyed his writing about F Scott Fitzgerald.
- Bo Diddley died. I remember that in the sixth or seventh grade we were out in the yard at recess talking about music and I mentioned Bo Diddley. One guy started laughing at me and making fun of the name and saying how stupid it sounded. A few years later we were in high school and I heard him telling someone how cool Bo Diddley was. I told my wife about that and she said "You don't hold a grudge, do you?"
- Even though turnout was generally light on Tuesday, our polling place was very crowded. A parcel tax will do that.

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