Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stanford Shopping Center Disappointment -- March 29, 2008

We went to the Stanford Shopping Center today and made two sad discoveries: Books, Inc had closed and moved to somewhere on El Camino and the branch of the Oakville Grocery had closed. One of our favorite outings on a Saturday had been to buy lunch at the Oakville Grocery and sit out at the tables and watch the dogs go by. Then the family would shop for clothes and I would find a chair at Books, Inc and read. When they were done, I would sometimes buy a book.

I took the photo at Stanford Shopping Center on a happier day, 24-November-2007.

We went to mass at Good Shepherd. I like the readings from Acts during Easter season.

After mass, there was a ministry fair in the hall. It had rained yesterday and was cold this morning, but it was nice and clear and sunny after mass. Then we went to dinner at Guerrero's Tacqueria. Their sign has finally been repaired after the January storm.

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