Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ladis Lewkowicz in Monoplane -- March 1, 2008

Ladis Lewkowicz was a pioneering aviator from Hungary. By 1911, he was living and flying in America. I like his expression.

This photo is from Aero and Hydro: America's Aviation Weekly, 11-November, 1911 (11/11/11).


Slawomir said...

Nice photo, nice mustache :)
Actually Ladis (Wladyslaw) Lewkowicz was born in the city of Piotrkow, in Russian Poland, in 1880. He came to the States in 1903. By the way, I wonder if you could provide a scan of the entire article. I am writing a biographical note on him, any help would be much appreciated. Best, Slawomir

Joe Thompson said...

Slawomir: Glad you like the photo. I have never been able to get my moustache to do that ;0). Thank you for giving his proper name. I'd be very interested in seeing the biographical note when you are done. You can find the photo and several references to him in this volume on google books, the whole year's edition of "Aero and Hydro":

Joe Thompson ;0)