Friday, August 24, 2007

John Stephenson, Car Builder - August 24, 2007

John Stephenson built what many consider to have been the first horse car, a horse-drawn rail vehicle intended for urban transit, 175 years ago, in 1832, for the New York and Harlem Railroad. His company continued building horse cars, cable cars, and electric streetcars until 1919.


José Abad said...

Many Stephenson trams had been used in Latin American in the Early 20th Century.

For example, in the history of Lima, it had been very important.

José Abad said...

I have a blog about of tram accidents

In most casos the images there of cars are of the Stephenson factory. There are a interesting photo collection de Allen Morrison about tramways in Latin American in

Regards from Lima

Joe Thompson said...

Thank for the comments, José. I will look at your blog with a translation program. Allen Morrison's site looks interesting, too. There is a good book of Stephenson builder's photographs that shows many cars lettered for Latin American companies.

It is nice to hear from someone in Peru. Many Peruvians came to my city of San Francisco during the Gold Rush.