Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Pulp -- War Aces -- January 9, 2019
This cover of War Aces features an aviator strafing a German machine gun position in the roof of a ruined house.

The title of one of the stories refers to Max Immelmann, the Eagle of Lille, the first German flying ace, who was killed on 18-June-1916, at the age of 25. He scored his first confirmed victory in 1915, flying a Fokker Eindecker. He received the highest military medal, the Pour le Mérite, on 12-January-1916. Immelmann became very popular in Germany and was the subject of much propaganda. On 18-June-1916, Immelmann led a flight of Eindeckers against a flight of British observation planes. The British said that they shot him down, while the Germans claimed he fell to friendly fire.

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