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Armistice Day 100 -- November 11, 2018

New York Sun, 11-November-1918

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans out there. Thank you for your service to your country.

100 years ago today, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Armistice went into effect and the fighting stopped.  In the US, the day was known for many years as Armistice Day.  


WASHINGTON, Monday, Nov. 11.-- Armistice terms have been signed by Germany, the State Department announced at 2:45 o'clock this morning.

The World War will end this morning at $ o'clock, Washington time (11 o'clock Paris time). The armistice was signed by the German representatives at midnight. This announcement was made by the State Department at 2:50 o'clock this morning.

The terms of the armistice, it was announced, will not be made public until later.

Effort Will Be Hade to "Fortify Freedom Won by People."
Paris Paper Calls Now Chancellor "Type of Pan-German Imperialist."

Paris, Nov. 10. -- A despatch from Berlin through Zurich says that Prince Maximillian Baden and all of the bourgeois ministers resigned because of the troubles in the interior of Germany. Frledrich Ebert. the German Socialist leader, has been definitely recognized as Chancellor.

In the new German Government there will be only three representatives for the majority parties, namely Erzberger, Gothein and Richthofen. The other posts will be occupied by Socialists and Independents.

Chancellor Ebert in a proclamation says he plans to form a people's government which will endeavor to bring about speedy peace and to fortify the freedom which the people have won.

He declared that Prince Maximilian of Baden had transferred the Chancellorship to him, all the Secretaries of State having given their consent. The new Government, he added, would be in agreemnt with the various parties.

The Temps to-day concludes a sketch Ebert as follows:

"He shares the ruling passions of the German. He Is a type of pan-German Socialist, not to say an imperialist."

Friend of Kaiser Exposed in Berlin Paper.

Special Cable Despatch to THE SUN.
Copyright, 1918; all rights reserved.

Paris, Nov. 10. -- A sensation has been created in German military and official circles by publication by Edward Bernstein yesterday in the Berliner Tageblatt of revelations showing that Gen. Kelm, president of the German Military League and friend of the former Kaiser, had been in the pay of the Krupps since 1901.

Last week Bernstein accused Kelm before the Reichstag and the General denied briefly. Bernstein then proved, by showing excerpts from the Krupp books, that the account had existed for eighteen years and that millions of marks had been paid to Gen. Kelm in return for munition contracts.

"This man thus received millions from the first German munition factory." concludes Bernstein. "This is the factory which Wilhelm so frequently honored with visits. The crimes of the house of Krupp against the German people are many and even heavier are those of Gen. Kelm. The leading spirits in this enterprise will soon be called to account before a high court of the people for having; systematically prepared the universal massacre which has entailed the defeat of Germany."

By the Associated Press.

Harbin, Nov. 8. -- It is reported that a train of forty-two cars carrying ammunition, grenades and twelve Japanese guns, despatched from Harbin recently for the Volga front, has been blown up between Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk.

One French officer, two French soldiers and three Czechs were killed, while eighteen Czechs were, wounded. Bolshevik railroad men are accused.


London. Nov. 10 -- The Government tonight issued a statement that the Minister of Reconstruction will announce the Government's general reconstruction policy to Parliament on Tuesday.

In the meantime elaborate instructions have been given for the slowing down of munitions production and the replacement of the workmen, with a scheme of donations for unemployment to remain in force for six months.

Gain of 3 Miles in Blow Extending From Sedan to the Moselle.
Stenay Taken by Storm and Another Advance Made Toward Conflans.

By the Associated Press.

With the American Forces on the Meuse Front. Nov, 10, -- The First and Second American Armies in their attacks to-day, extending along the Moselle and the Meuse, advancing on a front of approximately 115 kilometers (seventy-one and a half miles). French troops operating under the American command also advanced at various points.

The captured territory includes the German stronghold of Stenay, Grimaucourt, cast of Verdun, and numerous villages and fortified positions in Lorraine.

Aroused by repeated German raids and local attacks during the last few nights west of the Moselle, the Second American Army in its initial attack crashed down on the Germans early this morning with artillery preparation lasting several hours. Then the infantry forged ahead, advancing at places for more than three miles.

Stenay Taken by Storm.

The Germans fought desperately, using their machine guns, but were forced to give ground almost everywhere along the entire front. Stenay, around which the Americans had been held up for a week, was stormed and taken in hard fighting. It was strongly fortified and was stormed from the south. The Americans swept forward against streams of machine gun bullets and artillery fire from the hills northeast of Stenay.

The entire district in the region of Stenay was flooded by the Germans, who dammed the canals and rivers. The Americans, crossing the River Meuse from below, took Stenay in a great northward push.

New Chancellor Begs That Germany Be Saved From Anarchy

WASHlNGTON, Nov. 10. -- The following proclamation and manifesto by Friedrich Ebert, the new German Chancellor, were sent out by the German wireless station at Nauen and picked up to-day by the naval radio stations in this country:


New Government has taken charge of business in order to preserve the German people from civil war and famine, and in order to enforce its just claims of self determination. This task I can accomplish only if all authorities in all civil offices in towns in landed districts lend to it a helpful hand.

I know it will be hard for many to cooperate with new men who now have to lead business of the empire. But I appeal to their love for our people. If organization of public life stops in this serious hour then Germany would be prey of anarchy and most terrible, miserable. Therefore, lend together with me and your help to our country by continuing work in fearless and unrelenting manner, everybody in his position until hour has come that relieves us of our duty.


CITIZENS: Former Chancellor Prince Max of Baden, with assent of all the secretaries, has charged me to carry on business of Chancellor.

I am going to form new government, with parties, and shall report within brief delay about results to public. New government will be government of people. Its endeavor must be to bring to people peace as quickly as possible, and to confirm liberty which it has gained.

Citizens: I ask for the assistance of you all in heavy tasks which await us. You know how seriously war threatens approvisionment (?) of people which is first condition of political life. Political revolution ought not disturb approvisionment of land districts nor to disturb production of food nor its transportation into towns, but to foster it.

Scarcity of food means looting and plundering, with misery for all. The poorest would suffer in the most heavy fashion. Workingmen in industries would be hit most severely. Whosoever take away food or other objects of necessity or means of transportation necessary for their distribution commits heaviest sin against all.

Citizens: I urge you all to leave streets, and provide for quiet and order. EBERT.

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