Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Four Use Parachutes When Blimp Bursts -- July 7, 2021

Sea Power, February, 1921

100 years ago today, on 06-July-1921, US Navy blimp C-3 caught fire in the air and burned.

Pueblo Chieftan, 08-July-1921


Washington. July 7.—The naval blimp C-3 exploded at the naval air station at Hampton Roads. Va., to-day burning and injuring the four persons who were aboard, according to reports to the navy department. None of the persons aboard the C-3 were seriously injured according to the reports to the department but two were painfully burned. The big gas bag had Just been released for a photographic flight and was rising slowly at about 75 feet when the explosion occurred. Those aboard jumped with parachutes. The blimp was destroyed.

The explosion was caused by the carrying away of the rip panel of the balloon, the vibration setting fire to the craft.

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