Thursday, December 10, 2020

Pat Patterson, RIP -- December 10, 2020

Wrestler Pat Patterson has died. When I was a kid, I watched the broadcasts of Roy Shire's Big Time Wrestling on KTVU-Channel 2. I think Patterson was mostly a bad guy (heel) during this time. The only wrestling match that I ever attended was at the Cow Palace. My father was kind enough to take me. I think Pat Patterson defeated Ray Stevens, the good guy (face) by cheating. I remember getting very upset. 

After that I lost interest in pro wrestling until one of my high school classmates started apprenticing with Big Time Wrestling. He explained some of the techniques. I saw a similarity with commedia dell'arte, where the general outline of the match was decided ahead of time and then it was played with some improvisation. 

Some time after that, Patterson came out as the first openly gay wrestler. It did not seem to harm his career. 

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