Monday, August 11, 2014

Richmond District Mural -- August 11, 2014

My family shopped at the market at 28th Avenue and Geary Boulevard in the Richmond District of San Francisco for many years.  It was Littleman when I first remember it.  Then it was Cala.  It recently became a Grocery Outlet.  Artist Bryana Fleming painted a mural with scenes from the Richmond District past and present. 

The first panel shows Clement Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  I love visiting Green Apple Books.  I have never been in the 540 Club, but it sure looks interesting. 

The second panel shows the Alexandria Theater, which is closed, and the Russian Orthodox Holy Virgin Cathedral.  Note that the Alexandria's marquee advertises Grocery Outlet. 

The third panel shows the 1896 Cliff House, which some people count as the third and some as the fourth.  The ship probably represents the coastwise liner Santa Rosa, which appears in a famous photo of the Cliff  House. 

The fourth panel shows the two windmills at the Ocean Beach end of Golden Gate Park. 

The artist's signature appears on the last panel. 

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