Sunday, August 3, 2014

Playing Tourist -- August 3, 2014

Yesterday we took a colleague who was visiting India around San Francisco.  It was very nice.  We started out catching a California Street cable car at Drumm.  We got nice seats in the right rear open section.  We got off at Taylor and took a quick look at Grace Cathedral, Huntington Park, the Pacific Union Club and the Fairmont.  We walked down the hill to the Cable Car Barn and visited the museum.  Since it is August, there were a lot of French tourists.  We walked over to Jackson and Mason and waited to catch whatever came.  A couple of cars wouldn't let us on.  Then we had to sit inside on a Powell-Mason.  When we got to Bay and Taylor, we found that cars were switching over to the outbound track to reach the turntable.  I have never seen that before. 

We walked down Taylor and he found a toy cable car for his kids.  It had a friction motor, which kids always love.  He said he could show them what he had done and where he sat. 

I had a thought.  Since he had come to America, he had eaten at Thai, Mexican and Hunan Chinese restaurants.  He hadn't eaten at an American restaurant, so we went to IHOP for lunch.  Then we walked around the Wharf a little, and then caught a Mason car back towards Market. 

We got off at the end of the line and went to the San Francisco Center and Old Navy to try to find something for his kids.  We left him on Market to find his way back and went home. 

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